(deep in outer space, Dr. Mewtwo's hideout planet)

Shadow Lord: Imbeciles! Fools! Nincompoops! Can't you stupid idiots do ANYTHING RIGHT?!?! And look! All of you! Now! According to this! Your results to elimate Renan always fail!

Dr. Mewtwo: But boss, please! Seriously, it's not our fault! That crazy mutant Pikachu is the real one to blame!

Shadow Lord: You had already undetstood that I cannot accept failure! But WHY?! WHY DID YOU ALWAYS FAIL ME?!?!

Axel: But.. but boss.. it's true.. Our master was right. we cannot win against them because...

Shadow Lord: NO MORE EXCUSES!!! If you fail me one more time, you're going to be imprisoned into my lair and replaced by another evil who is much smarter than you!

Dr. Mewtwo: AH! I have a better idea, I'll steal the spirits, corrupt his friends, revive the Seven Destructive Rulers, and become the lord of the PokeMutant World!

Shadow Lord: Yes. YES!!!

Dr. Mewtwo: Renan, prepare yourself to meet my wrath! (evil laugh)

(Meanwhile, at the PokeMutant World, Renan and the others are resting at his house, while the Gold Master is busy watching the peace. Suddenly, the ground shakes)

Sunshine: What's happening?!

Renan: I had no idea!

Lenan: This.. this can't be!!

(At the back, Hiroshi sees a vortex behind him)

Hiroshi: Guys! I think we're getting sucked in this vortex!

All: (screaming, and then gets sucked into the vortex)

Gold Master: Renan?! RENAN!! RENAN!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

Dr. Mewtwo: OW, that really hurts. (The Shadow Lord appears in front of him, with an angry emotion) No! NO!! I can explain!

Shadow Lord: It's already too late for that now! (shoots lazer at Dr. Mewtwo but misses, and hits one part of the lair.)

Dr. Mewtwo: Uhh... I think you shouldn't do that.


Gold Master: Hurry, we should leave!!

(Everyone runs out of the lair, when they were outside, the lair completly collapses)

(Meanwhile, in a ceremony, gong banging and Chinese drum roll)

Gold Master: Everyone had gathered today to see eight heroes, who have removed the chaos Dr. Mewtwo and the Shadow Lord did, win the Noble Peace Prize.

Hiroshi: Wait, do you think this was our very last time to see Dr. Mewtwo and the Shadow Lord?

Gold Master: I hope so.

(Meanwhile, at Dr. Mewtwo's hideout planet)

Shadow Lord: IDIOT!! FOOL!!! NINCOMPOOP!!!! COME BACK HERE AND GET IMPRISONED BY ME!!!!! (fires lasers at Dr. Mewtwo's backside)

Dr. Mewtwo: Ow! OW!!! OW-HO-HO!!! NO PLEASE! I CAN EXPLAIN!! OW!! Next time we meet, Renan, I swear I will get my revenge on you, and I WILL NOT FAIL!!! OW!! OW!!!!!!!!!!

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