Renan: Grand-Prix Racing is a kart racing game in the RenarioExtreme series. Its gameplay is very similar to the Mario Kart series, but with RenarioExtreme characters, even though Mario does appear in the game.


The race is raced by 12 different racers, like Mario Kart Wii.


Playable (Starting)

Character Normal Kart Color Signature Kart 1 Signature Kart 2 Speed Items Weight
Renario "Renan" Extreme Blue Flame Dasher Golden Dragon 8/10 3/5 Medium
Dr. Mewtwo Purple Alien U.F.O Dark Corrupter 9/10 4/5 Heavy
Hiroshi the Cyndaquil Yellow Junior Plane Skyhigh Airplane 6/10 3/5 Light
Sunshine the Espeon Pink Showhorse Carriage Royal Showgirl 7/10 3/5 Medium
Rexar the Totodile Orange Rock Skull Diamond Guard 5/10 4/5 Heavy
Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme Red The Independance Steamliner 8/10 3/5 Medium
Shel the Oshawott Cyan Shell Cutter Shell Speedboat 9/10 2/5 Light
Terrell the Turtwig Green Rock 'N' Roll Shell Big Audio Shell 4/10 3/5 Heavy
Rudy the Chimchar Brown Wildlife Ride King of the Jungle 6/10 3/5 Medium
Axellon "Axel" E-Ville Grey Flying Rubbish Bin Wild Cat 8/10 4/5 Medium

Unlockable Characters

Character Normal Kart Color Speed Items Weight
Leafia the Leafeon Cream 7/10 3/5 Light
Unity the Lucario Black 8/10 4/5 Heavy
Pipple the Piplup White 8/10 2/5 Light
Munchy the Munchlax Turquoise 4/10 3/5 Heavy




Starter Cup

Beginner Cup

Intermediate Cup

Advanced Cup

Champion Cup

Top Champion Cup

Special Cup


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