Renan: Dr. Mewtwo's Biggest Revenge is a platform game created by RenarioExtreme INC. This is also the last game in the second generation of the RenarioExtreme series.


The game takes place after the events of Renan: Return of Peace. In Dr. Mewtwo's planet hideout, the Shadow Lord was in a very bad mood, demanding Dr. Mewtwo to do anything right. So Dr. Mewtwo must success his plan this time. Dr. Mewtwo then remembered that he used to have a wife (who is later revealed to be Axel's long lost sister), and they produced a lot of children together, but they divorced because of Dr. Mewtwo's evil schemes. So, Dr. Mewtwo released his seven children, the Mewkies (based on Koopalings), ordered them to get into their airships immediately and then invade the PokeMutant World. Meanwhile, Renan was watching TV, until he heard screaming. He then saw the airships, knowing that they are Dr. Mewtwo's minions, so he sets his journey to stop Dr. Mewtwo's evil plan to turn the PokeMutant World into Mewtwoland forever. At that time, Dr. Mewtwo has stolen all the Mystic Diamonds and Spirits again, Sunshine has been kidnapped by Dr. Mewtwo's forces again to make her into a dancer in his restaurant, Rexar has been tricked again, Lenan, Terrell's gang and Shel has been brainwashed again, and all the Pokemon in the PokeMutant World started fueding and fighting again. So, Renan must work hard to defeat Dr. Mewtwo. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord learns about the true ancient evil, Deathscar, the original creator of the PokeMutant World and the one who started the war, and plans to free him with a lot of chaos and disharmony. Once Deathscar is freed, the Shadow Lord tells Dr. Mewtwo that he's useless. Enraged about it, Dr. Mewtwo zaps the Shadow Lord with a stun gun, absorbs his power, thinking that he will become unstoppable. After the Shadow Lord was absorbed to Dr. Mewtwo, Dr. Mewtwo becomes a mutant version of himself called "Dr. Mewtwo: Darkness Mode". As Dr. Mewtwo is about to use "Ultimate Death Power" on Renan and his friends, the Gold Master defends them by getting hit by the attack, only to sacrifice himself from the attack. Before dying, the Gold Master gives his remaining power to Renan. This results the birth of Ultraforce Renan: Superior Mode. In this form, Renan is able to defeat Dr. Mewtwo immediately.





Lenan (after defeating him in World 2)

Rexar (after defeating him in World 4)








Gold Master


World 1 - Leary Mewky - As the youngest of the Mewkies, Leary is based on Larry Koopa, a Koopaling. Larry fights by shooting cyan plasma lasers with the scepter he stolen from the ruler. After he is defeated in the tower, he will flee to his airship. There, you will fight him again, but this time, in his airship room the floors can go up and down, which makes it harder for you to stomp on him. After you attack him three times, he will retreat back to Dr. Mewtwo's lair and drop the scepter.

World 2 - Gordon Mewky

World 3 - Helena Mewky

World 4 - Boggy Mewky

World 5 - Jackson Mewky

World 6 - Justin Mewky

World 7 - Mozart Wolfgang Mewky

World 8 - Dr. Mewtwo

EXE World - Dr. Mewtwo Darkness Mode

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