Renan: Dawn of a New Era is a sequel series to the RenarioExtreme series. It takes place five years after Dr. Mewtwo's and the Shadow Lord's defeat, as well as the Gold Master's sacrifice from protecting them.

Changes from five years ago

  • Renan now lives in Gold Valley, and becomes more mature and patient.
  • The Shadow Lord is now forever gone, because Renan ultimately destroys him for good.

Characters differences

  • Renan is now a Raichu, and wears a transparent eye patch, even though he's not blind. He also has spikes on his feet, allowing him to run faster.
  • Hiroshi is now a Quilava, wearing goggles on his neck. He had learned how to repair broken machines or vechicles. He also now focuses more about mechanics.
  • Lenan is now a Raichu like his brother, and wears a necktie, and gets a job of guarding Gold Valley. He has became more independant than before.
  • Sunshine now become more vain looking, but still keeps her sweet nature. She wears a black beret, a red scraf, a black and white stripped T-shirt, a black skirt, and black heels.
  • Rexar, who is now a Croconaw, becomes a rock band leader. He has learned how to sing rock music.
  • Terrell, now a Grotle, learned how to rap properly, but still very lazy.
  • Shel, now a Intermediate class Samurai, is now a skilled Dewott. He learned how to cut fruit or vegetables very fast.
  • Unity now works for King Royal as a soldier guarding his castle.
  • Dr. Mewtwo is now a robot, because after getting destroyed by Renan, his dead body was found by his servants, and revived him as a robot.
  • Axel is now a cyborg Persian, with his right arm becoming a cannon, his left arm becoming a metal claw, and his eyes being cyborgized as well.
  • The Shadow Lord now does not exist anymore, and the Gold Master has became a statue after his death for Renan to pray for him.

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