Renan! is a manga in the RenarioExtreme series. It is very similar to the anime but with more villains and characters with different alignments.


Protagonists/Good Characters

Renario "Renan" Extreme, a blue haired mutanted Pikachu who is a student of the Gold Master for respecting the Shine Emperor. He debuts in Chapter 1.

Hiroshi the Cyndaquil, Renan's best friend and adopted brother. They first met when Hiroshi was a baby sent by an orphanage after his parents died. He debuts in Chapter 1.

Gotha the Gothorita (manga exclusive), a beautiful Gothic human girl like Pokemon who serves as the peacemaker of the group. She debuts in Chapter 2.

Gangster the Scrafty (manga exclusive), the most troublemaking of the group. He later regrets his actions and joins Renan's side. He debuts in Chapter 4.

Blade the Gallade (manga exclusive), Gotha's older brother, who always take care of the younger members of the group. He debuts in Chapter 7.

Snoozy the Snorlax, a lazy Snorlax who always forces Renan to walk for him. He debuts in Chapter 10.

Gold Master, Renan's adopted father and sensei, a golden Dragonite with special powers. He debuts in Chapter 1.

Shine Emperor, the Gold Master's lord who always need Renan to respect him. He debuts in Chapter 5.


Rexar the Totodile

Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme

Sparky the Galvantula (manga exclusive)

Slimy the Gastrodon (manga exclusive)

Heat the Heatmor (manga exclusive)


Dr. Mewtwo, an evil genius Mewtwo who is the Supreme leader of the Mewtwo army. He seeks to destroy Renan, but always fail. He debuts in Chapter 6.

Unity the Lucario, a spy sent by the Shadow Lord to spy on Renan and his friends. He debuts in Chapter 20, but is actually Dr. Mewtwo in disguise.

Unity's group of crimes:

  • Brute the Krookodile
  • Estella the Kirlia
  • Metal the Aron
  • Palm the Hariyama
  • Fang the Weavile

Mewtwo Army

Shadow Lord, a Dragonite who was banished by the Shine Emperor, and now plots to destroy them. He debuts in Chapter 32.


There are a total of 21 books, each having 20 chapters, making a total of 420 chapters.

Differences between the anime/video game series and the manga

Issue Anime/Video game series Manga
Unity's alignment Neutral Villain/Evil
Exclusie characters Estella the Espeon, Terrell the Grotle, Voltrell Thunder Gotha the Gothorita, Gangster the Scrafty, Blade the Gallade
Hiroshi's Age 11 9
Hiroshi and Rexar evolve Yes No
Ruler of Autumnwood Valley Raider Extreme Gold Master
Shine Emperor's species Arceus Never shown
Renan's family Raider Extreme (father), unnamed younger sister Hiroshi (adopted brother), real family unknown
Renan's birthplace Chu Village Neer known
Dr. Mewtwo and Unity Seperate character Same character
Renan sacrifices and gets a new body Yes Never