Renald is the head of Team Rocket and a main character in the Police Acadamy Series. He serves as the main villain. He is cruel and unkind and uses pokemon for his own gains. He wants to take over the world. He has several Administrators in his team so far there have been Daniella, Cassandra and Sargeant Malone.


Most of his past was an enigma until Police Acadamy: Answers when it was revelead that his real name was Ryane he was an inspector in the VCPD and he was one of the lead investigators in the reformation of Team Rocket. He helped break them down however the idea of organised crime and all that money got to him, he left the force and changed his name to Renald, placing a ditto over his face permanantly so nobody would recognise him.

Under the guise Renald he reformed Team Rocket in secret corrupting Sargeat Malone who was just like him and attempted to take over Vermillion city. He then made several attempts to take over Kanto, becoming more and more dillusional each time, he seemed to have forgotten who Ryane was.



In his first apperance in Police Acadamy: Graduation his only pokemon was a Persian which was taken out by Jenny's pokemon. His Persian is regal and strong. Persian returned in Police Acadamy: Search and Police Acadamy: Answers. Persian appears as one of Renald's karts in Police Acadamy: Racers and Police Acadamy: Racer X.


In his second apperance in Police Acadamy: Search he has this second pokemon which squirtle takes care off without Jenny. Rhydon appears to be angry and upset. Rhydon returns in Police Acadamy: Answers. Rhydon appears as one of Renald's karts in Police Acadamy: Racers and Police Acadamy: Racer X.


It was revealed in Police Acadamy: Answers that for the last twenty years Renald has had a Ditto on his face to mold his face after that of Giovannis and to hide his true identity at the end the ditto falls off and dies. A Ditto was one of Renald's bikes in the Nintendo Wii racing game Police Acadamy: Racer X.


Renald does not own a Nidoking in the main series however it appeared as one of his bikes in the Nintendo Wii kart racing game Police Acadamy: Racer X. If Renald were to recieve one he would not be the first major villain to have a Nidoking as Bryan from the Nursing school spin off also owns a Nidoking.

Police Acadamy Series


Renald first appeared in Police Acadamy: Graduation where he was trying to steal of all the fighting Dojo's pokemon to take over Saffron and eventually Kanto. He was stopped by Jenny and her friends when he revealed that he was the one that corrupted the Sarge.


Renald did not appear in Police Acadamy: Relocation however he was an important character, Jenny and her friends were looking for him in Goldenrod but he was not there. He also kidnapped Reggie.


Renald made his second apperance in Police Acadamy: Search. Here he was believed to be behind the gaol break in Kanto as he was in Lavender Town at the Radio Station where he had taken DJ Lily hostage. He escaped shortly after being battled.


Renald was the final boss in Police Acadamy: Answers and a lot of his past was revealed. He was arrested finally and taken into custody. His cool demeanor was revealed to be mental unstability.

Racers series


Renald became a playable character in the DS game Police Acadamy: Racers. Here he was a heavy weight character and his karts were Persian and Rhydon.

Racer X

Renald was a playable characer in the Nintendo Wii kart racing game Police Acadamy: Racer X. He was a heavy weight character and he was avaliable from the start.

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