Remixer GCN
Developer(s) Metroidfan01
Subtype(s) Remixer Wii, Remixer DS
Game Creation.

The Remixer GCN is a Remixer-type console by Metroidfan01 used to create and play your own Gamecube games, It has a follow-up console named the Remixer DS and another titled the Remixer Wii.

Physical Description

It resembles a Gamecube, except it has two disc slots so that you can combine elements from two different games. For more than two, you need to insert them two at a time and save the data to the memory card you're using to make a game. It only has one slot for a controller and one for a memory card.


Game data is stored on a memory card, once you finish your game, you must insert the Remix Player disc and save the game data to the disc, you can then insert the disc into your Gamecube and play the game.

Game Creation

To create a game, insert the game discs you want to remix, then save the data off of them. Edit the game data with the built-in editor, then save your game onto the Remix Player disc and save your data to it. To play your custom game, insert the Player disc into your Gamecube and select it off the game menu.