Remixed Smash Bros./Mario
Mario, the classic veteran.
Full Name Mario
Class All-Around
First Appearance Donkey Kong (As Jumpman) 1981

Mario is a starter character in Remixed Smash Bros. He is an all-around character, and has no real "gimmick" to him. Many fans dub him as the "True Veteran"


Mario plays like the classic smash fighter. He has no big gimmick to him, and has a perfectly balanced moveset.


Mario has changed over the past few years- and so has his moveset! 2 of Mario's attacks have been replaced.

Mario's Neutral Special is Star Spin. Mario does the star spin move from the Super Mario Galaxy move, sending him upwards. Like Bayonetta's move, if you use Star Spin, then double jump, you can star spin again. You will slowly start to lose momentum as you do this, and if you use it too much, you'll become dizzy when you land.

This attack's origin is from the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel

Mario's Side Special is Super Cape. Mario swooshes a yellow cape in the direction he is facing. This super cape will both reflect projectiles, and turn around opponents, with slight ending lag. It also can make Mario fall slower if spammed while falling.

This attack's origin is from the game Super Mario World, where Mario can use his cape to reflect enemies.

Mario's Neutral Special is Fireball. Mario tosses a fireball forward, which will bounce on the ground and go a distance before the fire disappears. This will obviously damage opponents on impact.

This attack's origin is from many sources. One may be the way Mario tosses a fireball in the games, after being powered by a Fire Flower. It bounces along in the exact same way as the attack. Mario is also usually associated with fire.

Mario's Down Special is F.L.U.D.D. Mario ducks down with his robotic buddy F.L.U.D.D, and charges up the hose's water tank. When you release down b, Mario will shoot water out of F.L.U.D.D, with no damage, but pushing the opponents back. This attack will be more powerful if you charge it up more. If used in the air, Mario can be also shot backwards.

This attack's origin is from Super Mario Sunshine, where Mario uses F.L.U.D.D to clean up an island splattered with gloop and mud.

Mario's Final Smash is Mega Mushroom. Mario eats a Mega Mushroom, which causes him to grow HUGE. He then can walk around the stage at a slow pace, flattening opponents who he walks on. If he jumps, it causes shockwaves. After about 10 seconds, you will grow back to original size.

This one's origin is from New Super Mario Bros., where there's a powerup which lets you grow to large sizes and rampage through the map.