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Relationship Problems is the eighth episode of season 1, and the eighth episode overall.


Aran meets Melissa's boyfriend, and instantly finds out he hates him.


Melissa tiredly jabs at a homemade salad, yawning.

Aran: 'Sup?

Aran sits down with a bowl of Mana Loops, taking a spoonful into his mouth.

Melissa: Nothing much..

Aran leans in closer.

Aran: No, seriously, what's up?
Melissa: Well I sorta-kinda told my boyfriend that you were coming to dinner tonight to meet him and I didn't exactly ask if you wanted to go?

Melissa takes a deep breath.

Aran: Okay, I'll go I guess.

She raises an eyebrow

Melissa: Was it really that easy?
Aran: Yeah, we have yet another day off today so, sure I guess.
Melissa: Well then, be ready at 5:30, I guess.
Aran: M'kay, I will.

Aran: It doesn't have to be too formal, right?
Melissa: Nah.
Aran: Grey shirt and jacket it is, then.

Aran throws a jacket on and walks out of the bathroom, smiling.

Aran: I'm ready.

Melissa looks up at the clock

Melissa: Shit, its 5:40, we gotta go.

Aran runs out the door and slides into the driver's seat.

Melissa: We are literally going to the same place we went for dinner a few weeks ago.
Aran: Really? Feels like a repeat of last time.
Melissa: If you mean that it goes well in the end, then hopefully.

Aran nods and smiles, turning.

Melissa: Now, just don't get my boyfriend.. angry?
Aran: Why?
Melissa: D-don't ask.
Aran: Okay then.

More to come...

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