Reinhardt is a Mage Knight in the Freege army and Ishtar's personal guard, having known her since childhood. He is the brother to Olwen, and the fellow Mage Knight Kempf is scornful of him and considers him his rival. He is often by Ishtar's side, but she sends him away after Prince Yurius reveals his jealousy of him. He, along with Olwen, are the only characters capable of wielding the tome Dime Thunder. If Olwen talks to him in Chapter 22, he presents her with the Holy Sword.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Reinhardt appears as an unlockable playable character in Nintendo vs. Capcom. He is unlocked by beating arcade with 16 Nintendo characters. In his story mode he leads a campaign against the Loputo Sect with his sister Olwen. In the end he slays Yuris, Ishtar and Manfroy and declares himself king of Barhara and declares he will lead the people to prosperity.

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