Is a Super Beary Bros. game that is also the third christmas game by Jet Inc., and third Beary game.


Beary, Daphne, Yoyo, Luigi, Lamby, FluffyDotty, Baby Beary and Baby Yoyo were walking through town and started talking to 9 normal-looking animals. Suddenly, the 9 animals turn into the nine reindeer and tell Beary and co. that Crackles took their flying powers. Beary and co., of course, agree to help.

Playable Characters and their Reindeer

Beary/Rudolph: The best characters. Rudolph can use his nose to see through dark areas.

Baby Yoyo/Dasher: The speediest 2. In cold areas Baby Yoyo can hide under Dasher's shirt to keep warm.

Dotty/Dancer: When standing on nuts or bolts, Dancer can do a ballet spin to tighten them or untighten them.

Baby Beary/Prancer: Prancer can hide in small areas til bad guys pass by.

Daphne/Vixen: Daphne can let them fly.

Yoyo/Comet: Comet can jump high.

Fluffy/Cupid: They fall through some holes and can also toss love arrows.

Luigi/Donner: They can make snow fall, making the area slippery.

Lamby/Blitzen: They can run fast.