Regular Show: The Game 2 is a work in progress by Overclocked with conjunction from Master Productions. It will be an open-world game, and will cover most of the episodes in the show, now focusing on the third and fourth seasons. Instead of being forced to play episodes, you will "run" into them like in the first. To recap, to "run" into them, you need to go to certain places for an episode to start. Any collected items from episodes can be placed in Mordecai and Rigby's room just like the first game. Regular Show: The Game 2 will cover Seasons 3-4 while the first game covers Seasons 1-2.

It will be for the Jem Zero.


Image Name Playable? Description
Reg mordecai Mordecai Yes Lazy as heck.
Reg Rigby Rigby Yes TBA







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