This is the first episode in the game. Playing as Mordecai or Rigby, you play rock, paper, scissors. No matter what, you will always tie. After about 15 times, there will be a montage trigger (there is usually one per episode.), an black hole appears and begins to suck up objects. You got to grab the chair but avoid being sucked in, which happens if you get too close. After a cut scene happens, you have to break the tie.

Item collected: Half of the Uncomfortable Couch

How to "run" into: At start of game.

The Power

In this episode, you play as either Mordecai and Rigby, and you have to carry the magic keyboard called The Power around and use it on Pops and Benson to get them to give you a raise to fix a hole Rigby put in the wall. Then after a cut scene where they accidentally send Skips to the moon, you have to go get him back and rescue him from a giant monster.

Item collected: A Soda Machine that Doesn't Work

How to "run" into: Place the wrestler figure in Mordecai and Rigby's room.

Just Set Up The Chairs

This episode allows you to play as Mordecai or Rigby (as usual), and you need to set up 38 chairs. A cutscene will happen afterwards, and you will need to break down the door that leads to the other chairs. After playing a couple arcade games, you will need to plug in Destroyer of Worlds. An cut scene will occur, and then you will have to play as Rigby and destroy the Destroyer.

Item Collected: Staring Contest arcade game

How to "run" into: Step outside the park house and sit on the steps.

Caffeinated Concert Tickets

You can choose from Mordecai and Rigby as usual for this episode. You need to work overtime, so go to Benson over at the house. Do the extra work for extra money, like taking out the trash. Your character will get slower as you do more work, so make sure to use coffee. Go to the ticket stand, and try to buy tickets, and you have to mow the lawn. Sign the contract by the giant coffee bean, and mow the lawn. Try to get as much coffee as possible, becuase you have a two mintute time limit. Get the tickets, and then a cut scene will happen, and then you need to chase the coffee bean with the lawn mower. Attack the cart and grab the tickets, but the guy translating the giant coffee bean will attack you with a chainsaw. The episode will end after the fight.

Item collected: Lawn Mower and Empty Coffee Cup.

How to "run" into: Go to coffee shop at look at the TV screen.

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