Regular Show: Seriously Dude?
Regular Show SeriouslyDude
The games logo, created by Exotoro
Developer(s) WayForward Technologies
Publisher(s) D3 Publisher
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Flag of USAOctober 18, 2015

Flag of EuropeOctober 24, 2015

Single-player, multi-player, online-play
Age Rating(s)
ERating Everyone
3Rating Ages 3 and older
CERO A All Ages
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG
Media Included 3DS Game Cartridge

Regular Show: Seriously Dude? is an upcoming action-adventure video game based off the Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. It was developed by WayForward Technologies, it is planned to released October 18, 2015 in North America, and October 24, 2015 in the Europe regions, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


Mordecai and Rigby were supposed to be cleaning up The Park, but while joking around when they were supposed to be working, they broke the park's statue and it is to hard to repair. While asking Skips for help, they walk into a sacred ritual that could disrupt the universe. After ruining Skips ritual, the Dark Destroyer is unleashed, so they get sucked into a time portal in which they have to collect all the Dark World pieces that is scattered in some familiar places, to stop the Destroyer from taking over the universe.


Playable Characters

Recurring Characters






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