Her appearance on Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend.
Full Name Regna
Current Age 31
Date of Birth 23 February
Zodiac Sign Piscis
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Largosta
Current Status Alive
Class Enemy
Death Bracelets
Family and Relations
Icaron (helper); Hades (idol)
Main Weapon(s) Inferno Orbitars
Ability/ies Magma Form / Erupting Anger
Dead Queen
First Appearance Battle of Bracelets 5
Latest Appearance Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
Regna (in Italian, Regina) is one of the characters who appear on the Battle of Bracelets Series. She is one of the Death Bracelets who first appears on Battle of Bracelets 5 although the first game on which she is playable is Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. Regna wears the Death Pride Bracelet, one of the bracelets of the strongest Death Bracelets who serves Hades. Her main abilities are Magma Form, an ability that allows her turn into a magma mass or turn any part of her body into magma too and can burn anything; the other ability is Erupting Anger, an ability that strongly increases the attack and improves the MagmaBoB attacks, she can also burn things easily. Her main weapon is the Inferno Orbitars, weapons that were created in the underworld and were made to destroy everything with the power of fire.

Games Appearances

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Attacks, Power, Abilities


Attacks Power Lv. Effect Element
Lava Round 100 HP Lv. 1 - MagmaBoB
Burning Chain 150 HP Lv. 1 - FireBoB MetalBoB
Vulcan Beam 150 HP Lv. 1 - MagmaBoB
Vampire Call 300 HP Lv. 1 - DeathBoB SwadowBoB
Vulcan Round 350 HP Lv. 5 Burn MagmaBoB
Plasma Cut 400 HP Lv. 8 - CosmosBoB
Inferno Ball 450 HP Lv. 11 - MagmaBoB
Explosive Powder 500 HP Lv. 14 - SandBoB FireBoB
Darkness Net 550 HP Lv. 17 - SwadowBoB
Senjou String 600 HP Lv. 20 Petrify MagmaBoB
Undead Wildfire 700 HP Lv. 23 Burn DeathBoB FireBoB
Vulcan Polution 750 HP Lv. 25 Poison MagmaBoB ToxicBoB
Diabolic Gas 800 HP Lv. 28 - SteamBoB
Electric Eruption 850 HP Lv. 31 - MagmaBoB ThunderBoB
Storm Dance 900 HP Lv. 34 - ThunderBoB
Cosmic Claw 950 HP Lv. 37 - CosmosBoB
Destruction Slash 1000 HP Lv. 40 - MagicBoB
Chaos Eruption 1000 HP Lv. 43 Burn MagmaBoB MagicBoB
Burning Kiss of the Queen 1200 HP Lv. 46 Burn MagmaBoB
Killer Spell 1300 HP Lv. 50 - DeathBoB MagicBoB
Meteor Crush 1400 HP Lv. 53 - MagmaBoB CosmosBoB
Vulcan Cage 1500 HP Lv. 56 Burn MagmaBoB
Petrum Phoenix Flight 1500 HP Lv. 59 - WindBoB MagmaBoB
Destruction Dance 1700 HP Lv. 63 - MusicBoB
Bactery Vortex 1750 HP Lv. 67 Rot ToxicBoB
Killer Rain 2000 HP Lv. 68 - WaterBoB
Lava Fall 2250 HP Lv. 71 - MagmaBoB
Inferno Blast 2500 HP Lv. 74 - MagmaBoB SwadowBoB
Petrum Phoenix Revenge 2500 HP Lv. 79 Burn WindBoB MagmaBoB
Execution of the Chasm 5000 HP Lv. 82 - MagmaBoB


  • Heat Caution
  • Pride Barrier
  • Lock-On

Main Abilities

  • Magma Form
  • Erupting Anger

Main Weapon

  • Inferno Orbitars