A haunted balloon-like demon from the depths of the Earth, he came to earth to take over the unsuspecting creatures who live there. He is mistaken for a balloon and sold to a child in a fox suit. Possessing his brain, the balloon-like demon uses the child as a centre for his plans. The two fight over the child's mind, as his under-developed mind is unable to cope with two personalities controlling him, and he finally gives in to the balloon's plan to avoid seeping into insanity.

Redd and Helloon
Redd (left) and Helloon (right)
Full Name Redd and Helloon
Species Human (Redd)
Demon (Helloon)
Class Child
King of the Underworld

Redd is a young child who holds a red balloon with him at all times. Unbeknownst to most, the balloon, "Helloon", is actually the king of the underworld and uses Redd's body as a pawn to work.


Redd is a young child whose parent died in a car accident when he was still a toddler, and the only memory he has of either of them is the fox costume his mother made him. His family, while alive, was fairly poor, and after his parents' deaths he was sent to an older orphanage: Sunnystein's Home for Lost Children. Earning only 25 cents for an allowance every month, Redd saved up and bought a weird looking balloon from a vendor on the street corner near this orphanage. Unknown to the vendor, this balloon was actually a demon from the centre of the Earth known as Helloon. Helloon, ecstatic that a young feeble-minded child was the one who purchased him, quickly began working to corrupt the child's mind, and the two remain inseparable despite their often-conflicting ideals.

Vermilion Scrap

Redd and Helloon appear together as a fighter in Vermilion Scrap. As with all of the other playable characters, Redd and Helloon were targeted by Zoop-Zoop and Bob De Bomb, who sought to eliminate them and become popular in the game's story. They were the sixth character to be revealed.


Redd, traumatized from losing his parents, speaks little to the others at his orphanage and as such is often left alone. He is an emotional child who till grieves over grieves over his parents' deaths despite not remembering much about them, and has a tendency to grow too-attached to inanimate objects. He is seen as a wimp by many of his older peers, though his mutterings to Helloon keep them away from him, often out of confusion or fear of what he may do to them.

Helloon on the other hand is a devious being whose sole wish is to cause chaos, which is the source of his power. He is known to possess a wide array of abilities, the least of which is the ability to control the mind of one person; in his balloon-like form, this one person is whoever is holding his string. This mind control has corrupted Redd's mind, making him much more emotionally unstable than he once was. Though initially Redd was often disgusted by Helloon's desire to sew despair, in time his mind eventually came to adapt; while he doesn't wish to aid Helloon in his larger escapades, the smaller ones that he may have once been opposed to - such as taking advantage of people - he is now fully willing to do.


  • Helloon is not the demon's original name, it is simply the name he took while possessing the balloon-like form he is forced to on the Earth's surface.
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