Redd and Helloon
Redd (left) and Helloon (right)
Full Name Redd and Helloon
Species Human (Redd)
Demon (Helloon)
Class Child
King of the Underworld

Redd is a young child who holds a red balloon with him at all times. Unbeknownst to most, the balloon, "Helloon", is actually the king of the underworld and uses Redd's body as a pawn to work.

Adoptfest Description

A haunted balloon-like demon from the depths of the Earth, he came to earth to take over the unsuspecting creatures who live there. He is mistaken for a balloon and sold to a child in a fox suit. Possessing his brain, the balloon-like demon uses the child as a centre for his plans. The two fight over the child's mind, as his under-developed mind is unable to cope with two personalities controlling him, and he finally gives in to the balloon's plan to avoid seeping into insanity.


Mirai Moon's characters

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