Full Name Redd Tailpan
Current Age 23
Date of Birth December 1st, 1992
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Red Panda
Location Massive Mountain
Current Status Alive
Height 3'0 (91 cm)
Weight 20 lbs.
First Appearance Peter Pika

Redd is an anthromorphic male Red Panda and a protagonist of Peter Pika. He's a chill overconfident Red Panda who owns the Key Shop. He is also a playable character in the game, if the player completes Hard Mode.


Redd was born to a caring mother and an elusive father who went across the world as a motorcycle racer. Redd took after his father as a child, being inspired by his behavior. Before leaving on a long tournament, his father left Redd a pair of sunglasses, which made Redd fully take up the cool guy lifestyle. He found a friend in Chad Capybara, who he was so close to because of their wildly different personalities. He later met Peter Pika and befriended him, and helped the two fight Dr. Wessel in their adulthood with his Key Shop.


Chad is incredibly critical of himself, and has a pessimistic attitude, which is raised occasionally by his close friends Redd and Peter. Despite his flaws, Chad is kind and incredibly smart, knowing all about science and athleticism, in additition to the economy. With his knowledge, he has become an invaluable ally to Peter.


Redd is an average Red Panda who is short and cute. He masks this with fake whiskers and his signature sunglasses.


Redd is very athletic and faster than Peter or Chad, but he's a bit weaker. He attacks by swinging his tail, and can also slow down his landing using his tail.


  • Redd is the only character without a last name based on his species. This was done to make him stand out in comparison to the cuter and more awkward Peter and Chad.