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Redbot Wars
Redbot Wars
The teams preparing to fight RED in their own robots
(Left to Right: Ravi's Cerberus, SSFF's Bubblebot, WASP's Plasma Hornet, BRUTISH's Bowling Pin and GIRL's Spinning Top)
TV Series Skip and Sqak XD
Season Number 1
Episode Number 13
Writer(s) Namsean1998
Airing Date(s)
Saturday November 23, 2013
Preceding Episode Road Rat
Following Episode Working as a Team
Redbot Wars is the 13th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It first aired on November 23, 2013. The plot involves the teams trying to save Planet Terresokyo from RED's destructive robots.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • GIRL
  • RAVI
  • RED (Main Antagonists)
  • Captain Salt
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Terresokyo Citizens
  • Terresokyo Defense Computer


Captain Salt takes the teams down to Planet Terresokyo, a Tokyo-like planet filled with buildings and colorful lights, to show them how other planets can defend themselves from terrestrial invaders. On the planet, Everyone becomes obsessed with the city's sushi shops, animes and cute toys. At a sushi shack, Stingo and Blinky ate a spicey sushi and belched flames, which bruter roasts his chicken balls over. As everyone gets amazed by all of Terresokyo's stuff, Salt reminds the class that they're here to learn not play. Salt introduces the teams to the Terresokyo Defense Computer which is capable of automatically teleporting invaders into prison cells and are sent into a prison in the center of the planet. Afterwords, everyone continues to slack off doing their own things.

Meanwhile, on Xoon, Melvin is down in the Palace cellar making alot of banging which wakes up the other villains. As they angrilly marched downstairs, Melvin shows them his new creations for their next plan of destroying the teams and conquering the universe called the 6 Redbots: Flasher Rod (a flasher-like robot), Whale Tank (a large whale-like tank), Go-Wrecka (a gorilla-like robot), Chaos Maker (a robot packed with many weapons), Doom Wheel (A large deadly wheel) and Mecha-Queen (A robot-version of Queen Priceless). Melvin shows RED that he is planning to demolish every building in Terresokyo and set up their new empire in it's place (known as "REDsokyo").

Melvin drives the Flasher Rod, Lance and Egghead drive the Whale Tank, Dr. Keef drives the Go-Wrecka, Bruno and Jerry drive the Chaos Maker, Ty drives the Doom Wheel and Priceless drives the Mecha Queen.

Back at Terresokyo, everyone is playing at the local arcade where Croco is obsessed into beating the "Konga Klash" highscore. As Croco is about to finish off his video game enemy, the entire system crashes much to his disappointment. Outside, RED attacks the city with their robots and the Terresokyo Defense Computer cannot be able to bound them because they're so big. The teams try to save alot of citizens as they can while trying to avoid being killed by RED's redbots. GIRL gets chased by Ty's Doom Wheel on the city bridge, but they get rescued by RAVI. WASP saves BRUTISH from getting crushed by Mecha Queen's feet. SSFF try to fight off the Flasher Bot, only to get smacked away by it's electric force field, knocking out the entire planet's electricity in the process.

Without any power, RED can demolish all the buildings in Terresokyo without security in their way. Captain Salt instantly calls Dr. Tron to summon the Blue Ant army to defeat RED, but Tron has other plans as he, Hip and Hop start building the teams special robot weapons of their own. Tron sends the robots down to the teams who are excited to smash the redbots completly. SSFF drive the Bubble Bot, WASP drives the Plasma Hornet, BRUTISH drives the Bowling Pin, GIRL drives the Spinning Top and RAVI drives the Cerberus. The teams and RED get into an epic robot showdown, destroying many buildings during the showdown. When Bruno tries to shred GIRL's Spinning Top with Ty's Doom Wheel, RAVI uses their Cerberus to knock down Bruno's Chaos Maker, causing it to fall over with Doom Wheel hurling towards Flasher Bot and crashing into it. Lance's Whale Tank is ready to destroy the rest of Terresokyo city in one shot (but Egghead idioticly messes up it's aim by pressing alot of buttons). Priceless and her Mecha Queen climb up a very tall tower to drop a bomb onto the teams but SSFF's Bubble Bot is in pursuit. As the two robots wrestled on top of the tower, the entire tower collapses and falls on all of RED's redbots. RED escaped the unharmed, but they get smacked back to Xoon by Bubble Bot's iron fist.

The teams congratulate themselves until Captain Salt gets a bill for all the damage the teams and RED caused which is $3790 4560 4032, much to Salt's terror. On the ship ride back to Galaxian High, Salt gets furious at the teams for nearly wasting his fortune even though they saved Terresokyo.

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