Red the Red is a game for the Wii U and the first game in the Red Colours series.


Playable Characters

Character Ability Description

Red Colours

Red is a standard character, but has the best ranged weapon, his Red Blaster. Red Colours, the hero of the series, is ready to fight!

Green Shorts

Green is very small, but he is the strongest out of all of the group. Green Shorts is the shortest one out of all of them, but is skillfull with his Green Hammer.

Yellow Rush

Yellow is super fast because her weapon is very light. Yellow is a champion at running back in her home town, Gale.

Black Bright

Black is the smartest, which means he can make new weapons as soon as they are destroyed. Black Bright is the smartest morpher in Colourtopia, and is Red's best friend.
Character Description
Dog stickfigure


Pupper is Red's happy go lucky dog, who can tur into a motorcycle for Red if wanted.


Grey is Black's uncle and keeper of the Clock of Time. He is kidnapped by Blue and then paralyzed in the legs.


Blue is Red's arch rival and second main antagonist. He is an expert spy and ninja. He as kidnapped most important helpers and steals their items. Blue is later killed by his master on the last chapter.

Rose Colours

Rose is Red's mother and wife of Sun Colours. She owns the Wisdom Rose, but is kidnapped and frozen by Blue. She is later unfrozen in the end.
Kitty Stickman


Whoopy is Black's pet cat. She is the keeper of the Bright Crown, which can bribe the Gatepeeper into letting them into the ancient city, Brightopia. She is the only one of the keepers who is not kidnapped by Blue, mostly because her item is the last one needed and is not well known.
Vio is the gate keeper of Brightopia, and is kidnapped by Blue then shot in the leg. Vio owns the Final Key, and is needed to destroy Void. The Bright Crown is used to bribe him after rescuing him to let you into Brightopia at the last part of the game. After the credits, he is swooped up by an eagle for being so snotty.


Sun Colours is the father of Red and keeper of the Gold Statue. He is kidnapped by Blue and sent to space on a rocket to the moon. He is rescued after going to space and rescuing him. Sun, in the end, is elected Mayor of Brightopia.
Character Description
Void is the main antagonist of the game. He sends Blue to kidnap all keepers so he can use Brigtopia's power to take over the world and make it his own sick play room.


Bulk is Void's hencheman and Blue's sidekick. He often appears with Blue as the two do a double attack. After Blue's death, he helps the group defeat Void. In the end, he becomes protector of Brightopia.


Bulk's best friend and leader. He is Void's righthand man until being killed by Void. His spirit later joins with Red to give him the power to create the Red Meteor Storm.


Red, Green, Yellow and Black discover the ancient city of Brightopia, they set out to find it. However, a being of evil also hears of the city also. The creature, Void, and his two henchemen, Blue and Bulk, go to find the keepers and find Brightopia to gain it's great power.

The group discover, after fighting a evil creature called Vulcan, that the first keeper of the mystic items is Grey, Black's uncle. They set out to find Grey, fighting enemies while doing so.

When the group get's to Grey's town, only to discover that Grey has been kidnapped by Void. Red sees Blue with a paralyzed Grey and he charges at Blue, angry. Blue fires a beam at them with his Sleep Ray, and they are sent to the Great Paintlands. Red and the others wake up, and read the book to discover that Red's mother, Rose Colours, is the next keeper.

After finding Rose, Red rushes towards his mother, but is immediantly shot and knocked back by Blue. Blue freezes Rose, and steals her, taking her back to Void's base. Red, angered, reads the book even further, and sees that the next keeper is Vio, who lives in Rocky Mountain. Red, trying to not punch Green in the face for laughing at Red's failure.

The groups reach Vio's home, and discover that Blue has just arrived. Blue and Red engage in a battle for Vio.

Red is sent back flying into a mountain wall, and falls down, weak. Blue kidnaps Vio and escapes, as Red find out that the last keeper is his father, who he knows was sent to space. The Red's dog, Pupper turns into a rocket, and the group goes to Void's moon base.

The group finds and rescues Sun Colours, Red's dad, and find that there is one last keeper, Black's cat, which they all laugh at. They go to get the Bright Crown, and then to go find and destroy Void.

After getting the two last mystic items, the group goes to Void's base.

At Void's base, Blue and Bulk present the 3 mystic items, and Void laughs, happily. He then charges up a energy blast, which confuses the two helpers. The group arrives, and discover that Blue and Bulk only helped Void because he threatened to kill their family. Red goes to the where Void is, only to discover that Blue has been killed.

Bulk, Green, Black, White and Pupper are captured and tied up near many bombs, near ready to explode. Red looks at Void, pure angry, and charges at Void, now coloured a dark ruby, becoming Hyper Red.

Hyper Red is knocked back, and Void, in his ultimate form, laughs at him. Blue's spirit looks at Red, and fuses his spirit wih Hyper Red's, giving Red much more power, and he is now coloured a bright white, surrounded in a purple aura, making him Red (Fire Mode), which can use the attack that can kill Void, the Red Meteor Storm.

After destroying Void, Red and Blue split, and Blue is restored back to life. The group, happy, go to the Master Temple, where they unlock the doors to Brightopia.

In Brightopia, Red and Blue are shown morphing their arms into lighters, and set the fireworks, which go into the sky as the Stick Men party, with fireworks in the night sky spelling out : The End.


  • This is the first ACG game with adult weapons.
  • This game has the biggest story in all of ACG.
  • This game is the first ACG game with pictures of the characters.


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