Red the Polarbear
Red's appearance
Full Name Red the Polarbear
Current Age 12
Gender Male
Species Polar Bear
Location Iceland
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Green the Bird, Blue the Dog, and Purple the Turtle (friends)
Main Weapon(s) Jumping, Punching, and Kicking abilities
Vulnerable To Lava, Enemies, and Spikes

Meddling Polar Bear

Little Nuisance

Lil' McFatty

First Appearance Red the Polarbear
Latest Appearance Red 10: Future Chaos
Red the Polarbear is a short, pudgy, red polar bear that lives in the world Iceland and fights against many monsters that try to attack Iceland and is the main mascot of Metal Chaos Inc.. He gets help with his 3 friends; Green the Bird, Blue the Dog, and Purple the Turtle. He sometimes wears a green scarf around his neck after the fall season ended in his world. Red is the main protagonist of the Red the Polar Bear series. Red's favorite food is strawberry ice cream.


Red the Polar Bear

Red is the main protagonist of the series.

Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Red is going to be an unlockable playable character.


  • Red's name, Red the Polarbear, doesn't give a space between "polar" and "bear". This is there because so the first game won't have parentheses in the title.
  • Red has appeared in many different titles that involve with Metal Chaos Inc. developing or publishing. He would most likely make a cameo at Metal Chaos Inc.'s logo title but might have a 40% chance of being a playable character.