"This had better work..."

Red Yoshi is a Yoshi who has lived on Yoshi's Island his whole life, but tends to go away from it to save the
Red Yoshi 2D Art

Red Yoshi.

world whenever it's in danger from Bowser (which is actually uncommon, except when he teams up with bad guys from all over the universe, as it is in Nintendo Adventures). He works in a team with Tiny Yoshi, Blue Yoshi (his cousin), Yoshi, Yoshi Jr., Light Blue Yoshi, Orange Yoshi ('Dash') and Uiha (A Pink Yoshi). He is quite smart, and has built and designed a number of contraptions to help the team on their way, and most other Yoshies cannot believe that a 13 year old is capable of this.

He took Tiny Yoshi under his wing, and is teaching her a lot of things. He also works quite closely with Blue Yoshi, his cousin, and together they make the perfect 'Brains & Brawn' team. Blue Yoshi and Red Yoshi don't always get along, and Red Yoshi normally has to explain what he means in simpler terms.

Which irritates him quite a bit.

Red Yoshi VS Metal Red Yoshi

Red Yoshi fights Metal Red Yoshi on the Warship Hammerhead.

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