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Red Sonyc OVA (or Red Sonyc) is a 1-hour long cartoon about the Red Sonyc game.


Chapter 1 - The Creation of Red Sonyc

All started in the first years of the 10th Century of the Planet Yonic , a meteor landed in the planet. The meteor don't destroy the planet , but , leaves a substance called Reding. It's myth of Yonic people , but , in year 1002 (2001 in human year system) , the Usually Fighters maded your search about the Rediance , three years of search , nobody have news about the Usually Fighters , in 1005 , the group finded the substance , but , Dark Sonyc appears and try to catch the bottle with the substance , but , the bottle broken and the substance falls into a 1-year old baby and turn her adult. Dark Sonyc escape , and Red Sonyc has trained to defeat Dark Sonyc.

Chapter 2 - The First Mission

After all training , Red Sonyc is heading for your first adventure , save the people from Yonic Village , Red Sonyc with the help of the first legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the Katana , goes to the village and find the Yonic Guardian , a giant guardian who protect all the village , Red Sonyc and the Yonic Guardian started a battle. The winner is Red Sonyc , who saves all the people from village.

Chapter 3 - The Early End

When Red Sonyc is heading back to the Usually Heroes headquarters , the woods started a fire-up , Red Sonyc tried to escape , he heard a strange sound who gives Red Sonyc the second legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the rifle. Red Sonyc tried to escape , but , a fire monster appears and started attack Red Sonyc , Red Sonyc has defeated... , to troll the watcher , appears "The End" screen , but , all suddenly , appears Red Sonyc attacking Fire Monster with the rifle , Fire Monster has defeated and Red Sonyc fainted.

Chapter 4 - Not-So-Holly

Red Sonyc wakes up and find Liyla (One of the Usually Heroes) , giving a letter for him. The letter says :

  • "Red Sonyc , if you are woke , remember a voice in a forest , is Liyla giving my Rifle. Liyla fainted in the woods because the fire. In the woods , inside my rifle , has a map to Holly Castle. Find the rifle and goes to the Holly Castle."

Red Sonyc and Liyla goes to the woods and find a map (but , don't find the rifle) , Red Sonyc and Liyla look at map and goes to Holly Castle and find all the castle covered of shadows , Red Sonyc try to find the others Usually Heroes and find the Holly Heroes? Is Holly Copys! Dark Monsters who lives in Holly Castle , Red Sonyc and Liyla find the third legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the Bow and the Arrow. Red Sonyc destroy all the Holly Copys , but , Liyla has captured by one of the Holly Copys. And Red Sonyc follow her.

Chapter 5 - Painting the Seven.

Red Sonyc follows the Holly Copys to the Art Arena. Red Sonyc has been challenged to win the Artournament , the prize , Lilya. Red Sonic accepts and recives the fourth legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the Power Gloves , Red Sonyc defeats all oponents , but , here comes a big one , the The Last Oponent , after a tough fighter , Red Sonyc save Lilya and escapes from Art Arena.

Chapter 6 - Solid Ruins

Red Sonyc and Liyla goes to a castle called Solid Castle. But , is filled of Dark Sonyc's soldiers , Liyla gives the fifth legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the Throwing Knifes , using this weapon , Red Sonyc defeats all the Soldiers and find a big one , The Giant Enemy , The Giant Enemy gets the knifes and eats , Red Sonyc defeats with the help of Liyla's magics , and find a letter from the Usually Heroes , saying "Goes to the Serious Tower , and complete the mission."

Chapter 7 - The Thing Get Serious

Red Sonyc and Liyla get to the Serious Tower , but , Dark Sonyc dominates the castle and fill of with her soldiers! Liyla gives to Red Sonyc the last legendary weapon of Usually Heroes , the Glass Bottle. Red Sonyc gets to the top of tower without get spotted. Liyla fainted , because of lack of air in the top of tower. Dark Sonyc appears and captures Liyla and goes into a strange portal , Red Sonyc follows and start the final fight.

Final Chapter - The Real Usually Hero

Red Sonyc meets Dark Sonyc more powerful , the other Usually Heroes give to the Red Sonyc , the real legendary weapon from Usually Heroes , the Hero's Sword , in a hard fight , Red Sonyc defeats Dark Sonic , gets Liyla and trap Dark Sonic in her dimension.


  • Is the only OVA DVD of Red Sonyc series.
  • Is the only thing of Red Sonyc series , to reveal a name of a member of Usually Fighter (Liyla)
  • The OVA plot contradicts the game story , in the OVA , the Usually Heroes start search the Reding in 1002 and finded in 1005. In the game , the Usually Heroes start search the Reding in 1004 and finded in 1005.