Red Sonyc
Red Sonycgame
Developer(s) Topline Studios
Publisher(s) Topline Studios
Platform(s) Gamecube, Wii (retro-compatibility)
Release Date(s)
July 22, 2004
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platform


Media Included Gamecube CD
The first time, we never forget.
Red Sonyc at the End of Game.

Red Sonyc is a game for Gamecube launched in 2004 by Topline Studios. By the success made a new gameplay style known as Speed 'n' Slash, a mix of Speed gameplay with Hack 'n' Slash.


In a planet called Yonic , a group of heroes know as the "Demion Fighters" are searching about a new specie, a Sonyc. The group find a new substance called "Reding"; with this new Reding, the Demion Fighters can create new warriors to save the Yonic World. But, an unnamed thing appears and capture the reding, but a part of Reding spills over a baby Yonic. He turned adult and red in the next day, the Usually Fighters call him to get the Reding about.


The gameplay is divided in two modes :

  • Adventure : In this mode , the player can run and explore the level.
  • Battle : In this mode , the player gets weapons to defeat the enemies.
Weapon Used in World How to use
Katana World 1 - Yonic Village Press A to lock on the enemy and press B to attack the enemy.
Rifle World 2 - Fire Woods Press A to zoom and press B to shot.
Bow and Arrow World 3 - Holly Castle Hold B to charge and release to shot.
Power Gloves World 4 - Art Arena Press B to punch , press B various times to make combos.
Throwing Knife World 5 - Solid Castle Press B to shoot.
Glass Bottle World 6 - Serious Tower Press L or R to sneak up on enemy , and press B to attack.
Hero Sword Last World
  • A - Charge
  • B - Attack
  • X - Combo (when attack with B)
  • Y - Power Form (when is full charged with A)

The game also have a multiplayer mode with two modes :

  • Battle
  • Race


World Weapon Boss Multiplayer Mode
1 - Yonic Village Katana Yonic Guardian No.
2 - Fire Woods Rifle Fire Monster Yes (Only in Race)
3 - Holly Castle Bow and Arrow Holly Copy Yes (Only in Battle)
4 - Art Arena Power Gloves The Last Opponent Yes (Only in Battle)
5 - Solid Castle Throwing Knife Giant Enemy Yes.
6 - Serious Tower Glass Bottle None No.

The game also have a 7º boss , if the player complete the worlds without losing your weapon. The boss of this stage is Dark Sonyc, and the weapon is Hero's Sword, and this is stage is not playable in Multiplayer Mode.


Red Sonyc

Red Sonyc

Red Sonyc is the hero of game and only playable character (in multiplayer mode, the player control a Red Sonyc with a blue bandanna.) Red Sonyc is created by Reding substance. Thanks to the Usually Fighters, Red Sonyc also can use weapons like a Katana, Rifle, Bow and Arrow, Power Glove, Throwing Knife, Glass Bottle and a Hero's Sword. Actually, he's only a 1 year old, but because the Reding substance, he already have a complete body and brain.

Dark Sonyc

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonyc is the antagonist of the game. He knows about the Reding substance and your powers like immortality. But, the substance falls into Red Sonyc. With your revenge he created five new locations in Yonic Village and an inter-dimensional hideout. But, he failed by Red Sonyc who have all the five legendary weapons of Usually Fighters, who can make the Hero's Sword, the only weapon who can defeat him.


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Vortex Gaming Industries

Two out of five.

Purple Paw Studios

A half out of five....

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