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Red Pikmin
A Red Pikmin
Found in All Pikmin games
Immunity Fire
Class Pikmin
Element(s) Fire
Ability/ies Immunity to fire, high attack stat

Red Pikmin are the first variety of Pikmin encountered in most Pikmin series games. They are resistant to fire, and have above average strength (higher than that of Yellow, Blue, White, or Flying Pikmin). Their appearance is similar to the average Pikmin, save for their red skin and long pointy nose.

Fanon Appearances

Pikmin: Ground Control

Red Pikmin are the first variety of Pikmin encountered in the 3DS game, Pikmin: Ground Control. Like in other Pikmin games, they have a unique immunity to fire and a slightly higher attack stat than most other species. They can be created by having Red Pikmin bring Pellets back to the Onion, or by throwing Pikmin of other colors into a Ruby, Queen, or King Candy Pop Bud.


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