The Red Gazelle is the machine driven by the impervious cyborg: Mighty Gazelle. It was manufactured by the very same company that granted Mighty Gazelle his robotic shell in the first place, Cyber Stick, Inc., and
was specifically designed to match this artificial body accordingly. Where it excels in superior speed, it's outer strength is severely reduced, which doesn't faze Mighty Gazelle in the slightest given that the new form that he's been granted abolishes such a fear of possible injury or death.


  • Body: E
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: C


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The Red Gazelle makes several appearances in the game. It appears with its pilot Mighty Gazelle as a trophy. In addition, the machine can be seen racing on Mute City.

F-Zero U

The Red Gazelle returns once again in F-Zero U. This time, the Red Gazelle's body has been tweaked to be slightly stronger.

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