Red Frog is, as a specific character, one of Cackletta's most loyal attendants, the only member of the Frog Brigade (besides the leader and Cackletta's caregiver Kerodney) of merit, and occasionally a hero of the Southern Provinces. He is a frog.


Super Colons Sis. 2

Super Colons Sis. 3


He is best described as a coward. Red only joins in the adventures when he is forced to do so. When faced with opponents such as Durak or Metal Mario, he only fights because there is nowhere to run. He doesn't seem to mind, however, to face Mario or the others. He also tends to take on lecherous attitudes towards the princesses.

Physical Description

He is a Frog, which means he bares resemblences to the Toad. He has red skin, as his name suggests. He is noted to be bigger and stronger than the average Frog, and he has large spikes on his knuckles. His cap is smaller than usual.

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