Red Ants are the Main Enemies in the Skip and Sqak Series. They are a hostile alien race who want to take over every planet in the universe and enslave all population. The start of the Red Ants started when some Blue Ants touched Dark Iku, corrupting them.

They originally had a leader, Emperor Dante, until he was killed by Skip and Sqak, as he fell into a pool of lava.


The Red Ants originally had a home planet called Xoon, however due to major heatweather and population the colony has to spread out by invading planets. Dante, the emperor, decides they should start with earth since it was (100% inhabitable) but as they were close to conquring the universe Dante was killed by the lava after a "crazy blue frog" and "lunatic red bird" thwarted his machine.

On Xoon, the Red Ant homes are underground and the buildings are in a similiar way of egypt and sparta.

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