Undertale Red

Little Red Slicing Hood

Genocide Red

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Full Name Little Red Slicing Hood
Gender Female
Species Dog (presumed)
Location Underground
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Royal Guard
Family and Relations
Canine Unit
King Asgore
Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2
Cinnamon Bunny
Main Weapon(s) Royal Blade
Nationality Home
Little Red Slicing Hood
"Rude Baby Red"
Royal Red
Series UnREDtale
You only LOOK Human, don't you?!

Little Red Slicing Hood, also known simply as "Red," is part of Undyne's Royal Guard and is a ghost monster who can not be encountered by conventional means. The only way to find her is by "getting lost in a way nobody thought possible." She is fought in an Unknown route at the CORE.

The character was created by Taxiderby and is a fan-made Undertale character.



Red has a very upbeat, excitable personality, making it easy to get along with members of the Canine Unit. However, she feels anything of important nature should be taken seriously; she exhibits strong loyalty to both Undyne and Asgore, obeying the orders to station herself far out of the path of the human without question, and shows frustration in response to flippant behavior, storming out should the Human repeatedly attempt to make her laugh.

Despite a supposed lack of hatred towards humankind, her initial interactions with the Human are quite cold. Confident that the Human will be slain at the hands of Asgore (if not earlier), Red shows extreme hesitance in befriending them on any level, even initially refusing to speak, as to "not lose someone else." However, as revealed in the genocide route, she shows a bit of relief should the Human violently decline her offer of mercy, as it leaves her without any compunctions, leaving only a will to survive.

Red has a strong fondness of Cinnamon Bunnies and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2, the latter of which she is quite defensive.


Only a little history is known about "Rude Baby Red" (another nickname), besides the fact that she is part of the Royal Guard and she is friends with the Canine Units. She might have befriended some other Royal Guard members as well. Undyne trained her, and Undyne comments that for "one reason or another the guard's kinda the only family she has.", possibly meaning that Red was nursed by Undyne at some point and Red lost her family somehow.


Red was the daughter of two monsters that lived in "Home", The original Monster capital. Red was at a very young age during the age of "Home". During the Humans' attack, Red's parents were killed during the war and after the war ended and Everyone evacuated "Home". Red was left alone in an abandoned house in the capital. Left alone to wander the capital to search if anyone was still there. But nobody came. Until one day, Red was sitting in a corner of "Home" and Undyne found her. Undyne then took her in and trained her to be a member of the Royal Guard. She was also given a blade and was taught how to use it. As the years progressed, Red became more attached the Royal Guard and treated the group as her family. She never wanted to go back to "Home". She never wanted to be alone again. Few years later, The events of UNDERTALE kick in. Undyne assigned Red specific orders not to engage a Human and only to show up to retrieve the Human's SOUL after it has been killed by another monster. Red eventually is encountered by Frisk, who finds her by wandering off track while in the CORE. Red then is forced to engage Frisk.

Main Story

Neutral Route

Pacifist Route

Red fights Frisk but Frisk refuses to hurt or kill Red. This prompts Red to forcibly MAKE Frisk fight her. As She is following everything that she is taught: "Humans are the enemies of Everyone's hopes and dreams!" Much like her Teacher, Undyne, Red REFUSES to befriend Frisk and constantly is on the attack to MAKE Frisk fight her. After Red calms down and tire herself out, Frisk convinces Red to stop this pointless fighting, and Red gives in at last. Frisk then leaves Red and Red is left to think about Frisk as a person in general.

Genocide Route

Red fights Frisk and Frisk attacks at full force. Hitting Red with his strongest swings of their knife and refusing to cut her a break. Red then realizes that "Frisk" is not human and after a critical blow. Her face-mask is destroyed revealing her true face. She then proceeds to engage Chara at full power. The Royal Guardians also appear to assist Red in this fight but ultimately (unfortunately), Chara defeats Red and kills her and Flowey appears and says it is good to have her back.

In Battle


  • HP: 3000
  • ATK: 50 (+10 - Royal Blade)
  • DEF: 15
  • Check: "She wants only to make friends and to vanquish the enemies of the monsters."


Little Red Slicing Hood: Just your average everyday sword-wielding monster. Nothing special.

"Rude Baby Red": If you're not gonna fight. Red is going to have to MAKE YOU FIGHT. This is Red when going all out in the Pacifist Route. She is definitely powerful not as strong as her other form but still powerful.

Royal Red (UNINTENTIONAL RHYME): The full power of Red only realized in the Genocide route. Can it be re-awakened? ... Probably. This hidden power of Red's basically what's part of why she is the strongest member of the Royal Guard.


  • " Yeah! Thats right! Thats some MTT level content right there!
  • Oh...Fried tennis ball...

Flavor Text

  • "You throw the stick, she catches it in her mouth, she seems proud???"
  • "You split the dog salad with Red" "You gained 5 HP, Red gained 5 HP"




  • Red first appeared from the Undertale Red fangame. Play it here!