Red Fights The Very Best! - Red's Reveal Trailer

This is the page for the fighter Red in Super Smash Bros. Flood.



Up Special: Fly. Summons a Pidgey, and holds on his feet while Pidgey uses Fly.

Side Special: Surf. Summons a Squirtle, and sits on it while Squirtle performs Surf. Can turn around. If used off a ledge, it will put Red in a helpless state.

Neutral Special: Pokéball Throw. Throws Pokéball. If any opponent is caught in it, they will be trapped in the Pokéball. Depending if they mash out or not, they can escape in 3-5 seconds. Red can pick it up and throw it. If thrown up, the Pokéball is inescapable until the ball reaches the height Red stood when he threw the ball. The opponent gains 5 % damage. If thrown down, the opponent will recieve 10% damage, but is able to attack directly afterwards. If thrown sideways, the opponent can escape in 2 seconds. If it hit the ground while thrown sideways, the opponent gets 5% damage.

Down Special: Bag Search. Red goes looking in his bag. If you press the button or hold it for 0-1 second, Red will look disappointed. If you hold the button for 2-4 seconds, Red will pull out a Pokéball. If held for 5 seconds or longer, Red will pull out a Masterball.


Up Smash: Hyper Beam. Summons Flygon which uses his wings to use Hyper Beam. Works like Palutena's Up Smash.

Side Smash: Cut. Summons Gallade, which slashes with his arms.

Down Smash: Swords Dance. Summons Honedge, which uses Swords Dance, which makes Swords spin around Red.


Tether: Yes. The Super Rod.

Grab: Summons Machamp, which holds the opponent with two of his arms.

Pummel: Machamp punches the opponent with one of his other two arms.

Up Throw: Machamp throws the opponent upwards, then slaps the opponent with his two back arms like Donkey Kong's Up Smash.

Forward Throw: Rock Smash. Machamp holds a rock with his back arms, then Headbutts it.

Back Throw: Vital Throw. Throws the opponent backwards like episode 404 of the anime, "From Brags to Riches".

Down Throw: Low Kick. Puts the opponent down and strikes a pose like the last of Wii Fit Trainer's A-A-A.

Neutral Attacks

A-A-A: Punch-Punch-Kick

Up Tilt: Hits the opponent with an uppercut.

Side Tilt: Slaps the opponent.

Down Tilt: Quickly raises arm, then slams his arm down.


Up Aerial: Kicks upwards.

Neutral Aerial: Slams his arms at the screen.

Forward Aerial: Twirls in the air with both arms out.

Back Aerial: Kicks behind him.

Down Aerial: Throws Pokéball downwards. Spikes if connected.


Up Taunt: Holds a Pokéball up, like his sprite when using Fly in the overworld.

Side Taunt: Holds his hand towards the screen, like his FireRed/LeafGreen sprite.

Down Taunt: Poses like his battle sprite in Gold/Silver

Idle #1: Throws a Pokéball in his hand, like his official artwork for FireRed/LeafGreen.

Idle #2: Poses like his battle sprite in HearthGold/SoulSilver/Black 2/White 2.

Entrance: Enters on his bike.

Win #1: Strikes a pose like his Up Taunt.

Win #2: Stands next to one of the Pokémon in his moveset (excluding Pidgey) and they both stike a pose.

Win #3: Checks the Pokédex, then looks up.

Lose: Looks like he could black out any second.

Victory Theme: The Pokémon Victory Theme from Brawl/Smash 4.

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