Red is one of the 6 Main Protagonists of Critter Fighters. He is a Red Squirrel who is the leader of the Small Gang, and Pecker's best friend.


Red is a lovable squirrel who loves eating acorns. He can also be very mischievous like his friend Pecker. He also gets shy by Neyla who has a huge crush on him.

Critter Fighters

It was Red's Idea for the gang to get revenge on the Big Gang who kicked them out of their homes by taking them out with their weapons. Red also has the ability to climb up scratches on walls or trees. He later fights Pester in his own home.

After the gang defeated the Big Gang, they all decided to celebrate with Neyla kissing Red for the first time, much to his chagrin.


  • Spanks almost looks like Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day, except Spanks wheres blue overalls.
  • It is believed that Spanks could be hiding a secret crush on Neyla who kissed him.
  • Originally, Red was going to be named "Spanks", but the name was removed due to the word "Spank" is a reference to kink so he was renamed Red.

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