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RedYoshi Wii is a Fan Game created by Red Inc. and is the fourth game in the RedYoshi series. This game is for the Wii and is rated E (Everyone). It is a party game with the co-star: McQueen Mario. The game is basically a side-scrolling, party-style game with over 20 minigames. It is also the first appearance that BlackBirdo, BlackYoshi's so-called "girlfriend", has made. The Wii version game will release in mid-2007.


The levels in the game are side-scrolling platformers. However, the minigames are usually 3D. The main control for RedYoshi Wii is the Wii remote held sideways. But most of the minigames require a different type, like the Wii remote and nunchuck.

When you are in a regular level, you collect Egg coins and have a set number of lives. When you lose all of your lives, it's Game Over; the player'll have to use a continue. After you reach the flag (the level's ending point) the player must complete a minigame. If he or she loses, they return to the level at the checkered flag (the halfway point), then complete it and challenge the minigame again.


Playable Characters



4-Player Minigames

  • Kneed to Win
  • Football Time
  • Baby Fun
  • Water Absorbers
  • Got in the Web
  • Duck 'n' Cover
  • The Ghost Host
  • Party Starty

2-VS-2 Minigames

  • Time Stoppers
  • Stumped
  • Hop-Bop-Stop
  • Warned of Running
  • Classic Classmates
  • McQueen Mario Says
  • Fuel the Engines
  • Smoothies Movies

1-VS-1 Minigames

  • Fire in the Bowl!
  • Detecting Detectives
  • Crazy Crocodiles
  • Ion the Ball
  • The Final Battle


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