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RedYoshi DS is a Fan Game in the RedYoshi series that was created by Red Inc. It is for the Nintendo DS only and is rated E (Everyone). The game will release at the the start of the holiday season in 2009. RedYoshi: DS Version is the fifth game in the RedYoshi series and is way different than the first four games in the series; the Nintendo DS version game is the first adventure game in the series, but like the first four games, it still has minigames in it. The story of RedYoshi: DS Version is pretty similar to the stories in other games in the series: BlackYoshi kidnaps RedBirdo and takes her to the far side of RedYoshi's Island. RedYoshi seeks help from another ColoredYoshi named YellowYoshi, who gives him powers that will help him on his journey. At times, the player must play a monigame to clear a stage or battle a boss.


One peaceful day on RedYoshi's Island, our hero RedYoshi is about to feast on bowlfuls of blueberries. After he takes his first bite, an explosion is heard on RedBirdo's side of the island. RY stuffs up on a few more blueberries and goes to see what is happening. When he gets to RedBirdo's hut (which was quite large), he sees that it has been completely burned down. RY hears RB scream, and turns around again to see his old enemy, BlackYoshi, running off with the ColoredBirdo. BlackYoshi trap0s RB in cage and flies off with her in his new airship. Now RY must travel to BlackYoshi's castle again and save his girlfriend.




RedYoshi's Powers

  • Thunder Jolt - RedYoshi releases a bolt of lightning at the enemy. 20% chance of stunning.
  • Fire Blast - A blast of fire and magma is released from RedYoshi to the foe. Does not have good accuracy. 40% chance of burning.
  • Nature Power - RY gathers power from nature and fires it at the foe. This attack never misses.
  • Deep Freeze - RY blows an icy gust at the foe. 30% chance of freezing.
  • Water Pump - RY squirts water from his mouth onto the foe. Has decent accuracy. This attack can push enemies away.



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