RedYoshi's Island is a little, unfound island where RedYoshi and all ColoredYoshis and ColoredBirdos live. This is the main location in the RedYoshi series. Just outside of this island is where BlackYoshi's castle can be found. RedYoshi must travel all through RedYoshi's Island to save it from BlackYoshi's evil wrath. It has been unknown if RedYoshi owns this island since has it been named "RedYoshi's Island". In the fifth game in the series, RedYoshi DS, BlackYoshi takes RedBirdo to the far side of the island where all who go there somehow disappear.


Although the island is not extremely large, it contains many different climates. Despite this, all areas of the island have the same vegetation. In early games in the series, it took a Mushrrom Kingdom-like appearance, which was changed to a real-looking island in games since RedYoshi's Island for the Nintendo GameCube. At the bottom of the island's large volcano is a beach, forests, a plain, and a cliff. The volcanp is currently extinct.

Honey Beach is RedYoshi's homeland, and wher most of the ColoredYoshis live. It has always been the first area of RedYoshi's adventures. On some occasions, Honey Beach is known as "Beach" or "The Beach".

BlackYoshi's castle (previously known as the Black Temple in RedYoshi SNES) is located on a small island located north of RedYoshi's Island. This is where BlackYoshi's operations for destroying RedYoshi's island take place.


Fantendo Smash Bros. (series)

RedYoshi's Island makes all kinds of appearances as a stage throughout the FSB series. In each game, the location on RY's Island is different. It's either near the tropical beach, on a high hill, or on regular ground.