RedBoshi is a character in the RedYoshi series. He is a ColoredYoshi who hails from RedYoshi's Island. He's known to being RedYoshi's rival, but is not on the dide of the evil BlackYoshi. RedBoshi has amazing speed. In fact, he is the fastest ColoredYoshi in all of RedYoshi's Island! Despite his tough appearance, what he gains in speed is what he lacks in attack power. But since he's so quick, he can land multiple hits on his opponent. Yep, he has a fighting spirit. RedBoshi can last a very long time in a battle. In RedYoshi Wii, his first game appearance, there are a few levels where RedYoshi must fight RedBoshi. Each time the player fights him, RedBoshi gets stronger and stronger. In RedYoshi DS, when RY enters BlackYoshi's Castle, there is a battle between BY and RedBoshi. Very quickly, BY defeats RB and soon afterward... fights RY. Because of this, RedBoshi is known to try to rescue RedBirdo on his own.

There is a rumor that BlackBirdo, BY's girlfriend, has a crush on RB. Thankfully, no one knows of the rumor is actually true.



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