RedBirdo is a Birdo who lives in RedYoshi's Island in the RedYoshi series. In the RedYoshi series games, RedBirdo is always captured by BlackYoshi and must be rescued by RedYoshi, her boyfriend. BlackYoshi kidnaps RedBirdo because he does not like his girlfriend, BlackBirdo, and hopes to someday become RedBirdo's boyfriend. However, BlackBirdo does not know why BlackYoshi kidnaps RedBirdo. RedBirdo has an annoying cousin named PurpleBirdo, who almost always chases RedYoshi around.

She and BlackBirdo are known as the "sex symbols" of the series.


RedBirdo appears in every RedYoshi series game. Red Inc. is planning on making a game where RedBirdo must save RedYoshi from BlackYoshi and BlackBirdo. RedBirdo also appears in many crossover games, like McQueen Mario & RedYoshi at the Olympic Winter Games. She was an Assist Trophy in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS and Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble. In both games, RedBirdo blows up a fierce twister (by using her mouth) That rages in the middle of the stage. If a fighter is engulfed in it, they will receive damage.