Picture Of The Box

The European Box For The Console

Release Date

Europe: 17th January 2013

North America: 25th January 2013

Japan: 2nd April 2013

Developer Flamepeeps Media Entertainment (Games)
Operating System Android


Following the Ouya, Red3 was a Android games console. It may be portable, but it's not a phone. It was priced at £50.00, or $75.00.

It was announced in 2012 as "Project 2013".

Non-Android Games

  • Blobby
  • FIFA Series
  • TakeDown!
  • Make It
  • Sonic The Hedgehog For Red3
  • BrickBreaker Cyberspace
  • 007
  • NoXe


The DigiShop is the download portal that combines Google Play, Amazon Digital Stores and Netflix.

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