Recurring Arachnophobia is the 8th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It originally aired on October 19 2013. The story is when Robin and Cynder post an emberrasing experience of Priceless online. The story is also a connection to Arachnophobia. It also teaches people about internet safety.


  • SSFF
  • GIRL
  • WASP
  • RAVI
  • RED
  • Queen Kaida
  • Captain Salt
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Koo Coo Klux


Robin and Cynder were walking to their dorm from class, when they see Kyra and Sarah typing something on Kyra's computer. Kyra shows the 2 girls about the "Blogtendo" website where people post blogs about how their day went. Fascinated by this, Robin and Cynder beg Aleena to give them an account but Kaida refuses, fearing that the 2 girls might be cyber bullied. Despite Kaida refusing, Robin and Cynder go on their computer and make an account on Blogtendo.

Robin types down on what she did at school and Cynder typed what they're doing at home. The next morning, Robin and Cynder walk down for breakfast with her team. When Oswald asks what they were doing on the computer all night, Robin answers that they were doing a class assignment (even if there wasn't actually). The girls continue blogging on Blogtendo before class.

Meanwhile, on Xoon, Queen Priceless even has an account on Blogtendo. She wants to blog all day so she can get alot of points for her account. Robin wants to get points too, but soon she runs out of ideas for her new blog. Cynder suggests that they can post the time when Priceless ate those spider eggs (from the episode Arachnophobia), so Robin does. When they post their new blog, they are shocked to have over 100 comments under a minute.

The girl's blog became a huge internet meme, spreading around the world and even on Planet Xoon. Priceless, seeing the blog Robin and Cynder posted, becomes the biggest laughing stock on Xoon. Priceless whales on her bed as her loud cries can be heard all around the planet. 2 of Priceless's Ant Maids check the blog Robin posted, and they call her to tell her Priceless is upset. Robin suggests that Priceless will get over eventually, but Priceless cried for days in her bed.

Priceless finally stopped crying but is still angry at the girls for posting that blog. To get even, Priceless hides tiny spider bot eggs created by Melvin into Robin and Cynder's lunch. At class, Robin and Cynder come on the board to solve a math problem, but the eggs inside their stomachs hatched and the 2 girls choked and barfed them out right in front of the class, who all gasp in terror.

To make it worse, Dr. Keef recorded the whole thing on his camera and posts it on Priceless's new blog saying "2 GIRLS BARF OUT BABY SPIDERS!!!". Now everyone is laughing at Robin and Cynder, but they didn't care what people say until they see WASP, BRUTISH, GIRL, RAVI and even the SSFF laughing at them. The 2 girls get embarrassed, and learned their lesson not to post someone's embarrassing experience on the internet.

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