Recker is a goofy, friendly Rektarian. He is friends with GalaxyGuy.


Recker comes for the world of SR-889, aka Rektar. Rektarians are the native species of that planet and are called by the Galactic Federation, the hippie aliens due to there love for life and intergalactic peace. Recker at the time before he met GalaxyGuy, was a farmer for harvesting fruit. Recker was sent by the High Lord Ashantara to the Admantite planet, SR-912, to trade some adamantite when he was intercepted by GalaxyGuy, impersonating a Galactic Federation soldier as a means of tricking Recker out of his supplies. But lucily for Recker, real soldiers showed up and arrested GalaxyGuy. Recker decided to drop all charges and let GalaxyGuy go, on the terms that GalaxyGuy do the trading of adamantite for him. GalaxyGuy, as a means of thanks, gives Recker a stick of gum. Recker (taking this the wrong way) thinks that GalaxyGuy is his friend now, decides to tag along with Galaxy fow a while.

Relationships with others


Recker thinking that the stick of gum meant that they were friends, has been tagging along with GalaxyGuy ever since. He even went as far to give him the nicknames of "Galaxy" and "Double G". At this point, Recker considers GalaxyGuy hsi best friend, while GalaxyGuy is indifferent.


Recker has sometimes been in the middle of the "GalaxyGuy vs Samus" arguments and fights. He takes the side of GalaxyGuy but usually tries to the stop the fights before they start.


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