Rechard is a dual-type Joke/Earth Geögon Species whom first appeared as a common Geögon in the original game, taking place in the New Region. Rechard evolves into Relchard at level 18 and then to Rellochardy at level 32, who are the twentieth and twenty-first Geögon in the game.


Rechards wear some type of clothing, resembling trainers. They also have a reddish tint to their skin and carry a watch that doesn't do anything.


Rechard are found in the wild. They are extremely common.


They have four moves: Run, Geögon, Items, and Attack. Most of their attacks are useless, with the exception of Geögon and Attack. Geögon sends out another Geögon, and Rechards vary in their number of Geögon. Attack sends out a sissy hit, which can take down Geögon with low defense, but otherwise will not be very effective. Geögon