Rebirth Island is an island used by the Soviet Union for many tests and experiments. It appears as one of the downloadable stages in Super Smash Bros. Clashed, where it represents the Call of Duty series and is automatically obtained once the player downloads Viktor Reznov, or can be bought for 2000 Smash Coins.


Rebirth Island is set on the streets of the island, infront of the Soviet Labs. The stage includes cars that can be blown up, along with a roof that players can get onto. Occassionally a Hind will fly over the stage and drop canisters of Nova-6 onto the battlefield, making players be forced to avoid it or take damage.

Universe Call of Duty
Home Stage to Viktor Reznov
Availability Downloadable
Size Medium
Origin Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)


Bolded songs must be unlocked.




  • Although being Reznov's home stage, Reznov never actually went to Rebirth Island.


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