Rean J. Koopa

Rean. In all his Rean-y glory


Name: Rean J. Koopa

Age: 14

Powers: Water, Shell, and Wand

Rean J. Koopa is one of Bowser's koopalings. Like most Koopalings, he thinks he is superior. His favorite music is dubstep. He is 14 years old. He loves being a jerk to people. His idols are Bowser and Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 from MLP.



Rean looks like most Koopalings. He has shades in front of his eyes, covering half of them. They are very much alike to Vinyl Scratch's. He has curvy blue hair, and small pupils.


"Bahahaha. Mario, how long are you going to chase us? Oh, you want Peach back? No way. You gave her to us in the first place!" - Rean Koopa, Super Mario Wix

"Oh, OH, OH! If it's a fight you want, plumber, it's a fight you'll get!" - Rean Koopa before battle, Super Mario Wix

"BAAAAHHH!! NOOOOOO!!!!" - Rean Koopa, defeated, Super Mario Wix

"Shut up, Ludwig!" - Rean Koopa

"Wub, Wub, Wub!" - Rean Koopa

"SHUUUUT UP!!" - Rean Koopa

"*Mocking voice* Hey everybody, I'm Ludwig! Blah Blah, Blah Blah!" - Rean Koopa

"I spy with my little eye, a big fat loser! *Points to Morton*" - Rean Koopa

Relationship with other Characters

Ludwig: Great Sibling Rivalry. Ludwig is Rean's most hated sibling. Rean and Ludwig compete in many challenges.

Larry: The two of them are cool with each other. They like to prank other characters, and hang out, but other then that, they avoid each other.

Roy: Rean is often Beaten, and pushed around by Roy. But Rean can fight back.

Lemmy: The two often play together. They like to play Pokémon.

Iggy: (MMMM. MOIST) Rean tends to avoid Iggy as much as possible.

Morton: Like Iggy, Rean tends to avoid him as much as possible. Often Rean teases and taunts him.

Wendy: Rean tends to avoid her, much because she's annoying.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Wix: Rean is the 13th Boss battle, and is battled in world 15, Beach Paradise world. His battle takes place in Rean's sand castle. Rean taunts Mario/Luigi and then the battle begins. He has the ability to summon Waves, that can damage Mario. Mario can dodge these waves by jumping onto a block on the wall and jumping when the wave washes up. Then Mario can attack Rean. When Mario does this 3 more times, Rean is done for.


Ludwig: You vuined it! Vou dolt!

Rean: Me? It was YOUR invention that fell apart!

Ludwig: V'ut your the one vho touched it!

Lemmy: Guys, guys, stop fighting please!

Rean and Ludwig: SHUT UP LEMMY!



Wendy: *Wendy Stops. Tears form in her eyes* DADDDYYYYYYYY!!! *Wendy runs off crying*

Rean: Derp.

Iggy: Derp.

Lemmy: Derp.

Larry: Derp.

Rean: No....


Rean has gotten his share of Minions, such as:


Cheap Cheap.



Ren- by Lemmy, Iggy and Larry

Bro and Hippie- by Roy

Idiot, Dolt, Worthless, Feces, Rat, and Brainless- by Ludwig

Wean, DoopDoop, and Wumbo- by Bowser Junior and Bowser

FOOOOOD!- by Morton

Jerk- by Wendy


- In Super Mario Wix, the dialog Rean says when he first encounters Mario is very much alike to the ending of the Witch's house. ( "How long are you going to chase me? You know that body won't last long. Give it back? No way. You gave it to me in the first place." )

(Rean belongs to TrueBlueX)

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