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Pitches get Stitches

Not the best name for a section, but bare with me. Here anyone can add ideas or stuff to do with it. Remember to put some form of adress in here. Sr.Wario will approve things/parts of things here. Or disapprove, HEHE

  • Wario-Some levels would be other genres.
  • Wario-Collectibles are "Cliches", and they can be found by which cliche the level deals with.
  • Exo - the article itself fucking hates you(CONFIRMED)
  • Exo - All the characters have incredibly tragic backstories involving a ice cream truck which turns out to be the main villain. fucking beautiful(CONFIRMED to an extent)
  • Wario-Battle of 1000 Heartless style boss, but with all of the Mario recolors.
  • Super Mashed Potatoes - The main character(or primary playable character, if we're throwing in a whole roster) is literally a very light grey circle with two black dots for eyes, and is contstantly accused by others, friend or foe, for being a mere recolor of an already existing famous character. Said famous character is a circle that's a shade of grey that's super dark, and is just barely light enough to not be black, and has two white dots for eyes.(CONFIRMED)
  • Super Mashed Potatoes - Beating the game unlocks a The Arena esque mode that has you fight all of the bosses in order...with infinite health recovery items. Beating that unlocks a True Arena esque mode that has you fight all of the bosses in order with twice the health, and completley new attack patterns. The Secret Final Boss is The Difficulty Spike.(CONFIRMED)
  • Exo - You think it's crazy? It is crazy. But I don't give a shit. From now on, we're the ones who have the edge in the multi-blade game. Are they the best a man can get? Fuck, no. Gillette is the best a man can get.(CONF-Wait, what the fuck???)
  • Sketch - The enemy forces are bad comedians who think the actual comedy that your side makes is bad so they're trying to fill the world with crazy bad comedy with random and dumb jokes that make no sense (your usual Joke Article basically)(CONFIRMED)
  • Foxy - One enemy can be a slice of cheese. Touching it will make the cheese shove itself into your throat. You choke on it and die.(NO)
  • Exo - starts off like a bad joke article and then gradually gets fucking insane, with the article clawing through the tables to destroy itself.(NO)
  • Ham - starts really peaceful and quiet, until slowly becoming extremely twisted. you've been the villain this whole time. the presumed antagonist was trying to help citizens.(CONFIRMED to an extent)
  • Ham - going on my previous suggestion, it could be a musical. in the second act, there are no new songs. the songs from the first act are sung in reverse order, slowly getting more and more demonic. eventually ends with an absolutely demented version of the opening number(CONFIRMED)
  • Ham - inside jokes galore(OH FUCK YES)
  • Fae - one of the levels can only be beaten by using glitches(CONFIRMED)
  • Super Mashed Potatoes - The evil ice truck villian constantly makes ice related puns ala Mr. Freeze.(BEAUTIFUL)
  • Super Mashed Potatoes - The Tutorial Level is some random user's Sandbox. The final level is Fantendo itself, left in shambles.(Part 1: NO, Part 2: CONFIRMED to an extent)
  • Plazzass- Fozz is somwhere in the game as somthing and maybe houses the poor articles who think thier serious but are actully so bad thier good. the house could be known as the wall of shame and any articles that are trying to be so bad thier good on purpose will be booted to hell.(CONFIRMED to an extent)
  • wait wasnt my name actully Plazzap-Vivillion is officially satan, and is a boss or somthing.(NO)
  • Llama-The bosses could be all sorts of bad joke characters that get worse as you progress. For example, Walukirby could be the first boss and SSB4 Yoshi could be the final boss.(CONFIRMED to an extent)
  • Foxy- One of the levels can be a montage of all of the FNAF games on the wikia. It starts with good games like Five Nights at Freddy's Mansion and Five Nights At Freddy's Circus, and ends with Five Nights At SANIC, and the player wanting to jump out a window and into a tar pit.(CONFIRMED)

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