Ready, Aim, DUCK! is the 4th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It first aired on September 21 2013. The story is when Egghead gets kicked out of RED and later becomes friends with Cherry.


  • SSFF
  • RAVI
  • GIRL
  • RED
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Queen Kaida
  • Captain Salt
  • Koo Koo Klux


The SSFF and RAVI Teams are invited to a meeting by GIRL Team so they can discuss how their life is like saving the world. Cherry is the only member in RAVI not invited, but she goes anyway to talk about her life in RAVI. At the meeting, Kyra Kross organizes the team members with a partner (Sqak with Ravi, Tubby with Peachy, Croco with Lazz, etc) but becomes annoyed when Cherry enters the meeting uninvited. When Cherry wants to talk about herself to Kyra, she accidentally sprays her stiny perfume all over Kyra who falls into the fountain. Losing her temper, Kyra (literally) kicks Cherry out of the GIRL dorm, much to her sorrow.

Meanwhile, on Xoon, Melvin and his RED Team demonstrate to Queen Priceless their new plan to destroy Galaxian High and take over the world: Melvin built a nuclear bomb disguised as a ship engine. However before they can sneak it into the Galaxian Ship, Egghead accidentally activates the bomb during the demonstration and the bomb explodes on the RED. Losing her temper, Queen Priceless throws a tantrum and fires Egghead from the RED organization. Egghead is then tied to a rocket and they blast him off of planet Xoon.

Cherry is in her room sobbing that no one likes her, but she stops crying to notice Egghead stranded on a small asteroid bawling as well. Both Cherry and Egghead had a talk and learned they are outcasts too. They quickly become good friends and decide to hang out together. The next day, Cherry shows Egghead around Galaxian High. When SSFF saw Egghead, they were about to attack him but Cherry sprays her smelly perfume on them. Both SSFF and RAVI get suspicious, believing Egghead is spying for RED, so they decide to keep an eye on him. Egghead and Cherry have a wonderful day together, not noticing SSFF and RAVI spying on them. Meanwhile, Keef builds another bomb and snuck it into the Ship Engine Depot, where Tron picks up the engine the bomb is in.

Egghead finally wants to prove to SSFF, RAVI and other teams he turned a new leaf for real, so the SSFF decide to hire Egghead to guard the Blue Ant base in Planet Oxoid. Down in Oxoid, SSFF wake up one morning to hear the base alarms go off, but they are angered that Egghead actually cut off the alarms to wake them up for their breakfast he made. The SSFF are angry at Egghead but Cherry forgives him, thinking he's just trying to help everyone.

Meanwhile, RED realized the bomb they installed to the engine wasn't there, instead Egghead has it in his pocket. Melvin calls in the Red Ants to attack the Blue Ant Base on Oxoid, where they attack SSFF. After hearing Melvin wanting Egghead for "having what he needs", SSFF believed Egghead was using them the whole time and they attack him. Panicking, Egghead accidentally activates the bomb in his pocket that explodes, destroying the entire Blue Ant Base. Amazed by their first ever victory over SSFF, the RED rehire Egghead into the organization and conquered Oxoid. SSFF were angry for losing a planet to the Red Ants just for trusting Egghead, but later an upset Cherry gets a letter saying:

"Dear Cherry,

Thanks for being my friend. No one has ever been so nice to me before. Please forgive me for what happened back there, it was really not what it looked like to you or SSFF. I hope we can hang out together again."

Cherry then gets overjoyed that her only friend wasn't using her at all, while we see Egghead crying on the same asteroid he was on last time.


  • This is the first time RED has defeated SSFF.

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