Razorback Supertzar
Current Age 85
Date of Birth May 15th
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Villain
Current Status Alive
Height 6'08"
Weight 227 lbs
First Appearance Unknown
Razorback Supertzar, born Vicki Madonna, is one of sixteen new characters waiting to be introduced in the Mallorian Monarch phase for the Zaxinian Lifts, being part of Athena's 2018 lineup of characters. She is the emperor of the Masquerade Imperium, an alien empire that invades the Zaxinian Lifts sometime during the the Monarch period to take over the Lifts for herself in spite of the already-existing conflict between it and the Resistance. She, along with her entire army, speak entirely in couplets and quadruplets of lines, and dance to the beat of one of their radio hits every second they go, performing any and all actions to the beat of their music. The Supertzar created her empire out of her obsession and love for dancing, and gained her immense power from getting others to tango with her hypnotic rhythms. Because of how everything follows the beat of whatever song the Supertzar is playing, everything in the Masquerade Imperium army is highly organized.


The Razorback Supertzar has yet to make an appearance.

She appears in Zonal Fever as an unlockable character.


The Supertzar, in spite of her ripe-old age, has a super-hip lifestyle and is always seen moving and dancing around, and has a sassy nature that comes with a vocabulary of rhymes full of burns or flat-out insults. She tends to be something of a tease, flaunting even when she doesn't need to, to put down her opponent and dare them to try and get closer to her vigorous self. She is quite vain, being obsessed with her high-tier dancing talents and her own appearance, and is proud of every bit of herself. Even though she has streak-white feathered hair and wrinkly skin, she insists she's as pretty as any young one and won't hold anything back with her piston-powered chops and kicks, and is really fast as she can move and dance to music of any tempo or velocity, preferring faster music in battles so she can overwhelm her opponent with tons of punches without breaking a sweat. She believes that the Zaxinian Lifts don't have enough "positive energy" to it, vowing to renew the atmosphere of the Zaxinian Lifts under her own style, but both Silver Zin and Queen Mallory of their own forces refuse to let this happen and try to keep her out of their fight. When she gets in, things start getting real hot.

In spite of her position as a czar, the Razorback Supertzar rarely takes things all that seriously and has no interest in things that she personally finds to be boring or otherwise bothersome. If it's not weird or particularly unorthodox, the Supertzar shrugs it off wordlessly. If a life does not matter to her, she will not hold any value for it, simply telling guards to clean up dead messes or they'll follow the same fate. Likewise, she often lies and deceives people she doesn't like, only telling the truth to them if they're about to die and have no way of spreading her truthfulness via any means of communication. Atop all of this, she is incredibly eccentric and simultaneously demanding, being well-known for being highly strange and for her wishes to be young and beautiful again like she once was before, still working desperately to this day to look smooth and young. With her dreams of beauty in mind, she sees Valerie Heartgold as a rival and wishes to square off against her eventually in a dancing battle. What she lacks in actual emotion, she makes up for it in laughter: she laughs aggressively and almost all of the time, even in the most inappropriate situations.

She is well-known for being a highly aggressive opponent with a dominant personality that allows her to take the lead whenever she finds it appropriate to. She will always set her music to have a high tempo, using her ability to easily adjust to tempos to plow her fists maddeningly into her foes. They will often go down before the song even ends.


This prima donna is incredibly active in battle, able to dance to any tempo and simultaneously battle with ease. While she can occasionally suffer the occasional flinch due to her old age backfiring on her, she is capable of chopping and striking with total ease, with her able to work out to songs that are up to 245 beats a minute. With every beat in a song, she can attack once, and high-tempo songs mean that she can fire out multiple punches or attacks within just one second, making her a formidably speedy opponent that's tough to shatter on the lines of battle. Knowing all sorts of dance moves and techniques, she can take opponents into her arms and swing them around in various ways, doing hazardous variations of "couple's dances" with them and racking up excessive damage to their heads and limbs alike. She is particularly famous for being able to swing her foes around while tapping her feet to the beat and slamming them into walls with great force. Outside of battle, she can dance in hypnotic rhythms and entrance allies or foes alike with them, bringing them to her side almost immediately if she can infect their minds with the rhythm. If they don't submit to her, she can just use the moment to strike her sharp-ass heels through their chests, killing them instantly.


  • The Razorback Supertzar's name has lots of meaning to it. The "Razorback" part of her name refers to her aggressive fighting style and significance as a force to be feared in spite of her disco self, while the "Supertzar" part of her name is a portmanteau of "superstar" and "czar", fitting to her character.
    • "Supertzar", the Black Sabbath instrumental, is appropriately used as her own battle introduction music, highlighting her ego.
  • The Razorback Supertzar is the only one in her empire that isn't required to dance to be alive; this is because she has control over what songs are played. If others don't dance and remain alive, it's only because they're waiting for her to change tunes.
  • Some elements of her personality were inspired by traits of Mistress of Weird and Zellen Harley Quimbleson, Athena's two favorite Toroko characters.

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