Let's go kick some baddie butt!
Razor to Rocky in Spike The Porcupine

Razor The Cheetah
Full Name Razor The Cheetah
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Cheetah
Location Shade Savannah Zone
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Ability/ies Scratching, clawing, super speed, homing attack, crawling

Razor is a cheetah who was born and raised in Shade Savannah Zone. His parents treat him like a kid, and he is embarassed when near them. They currently reside in and old village in the previously mentioned zone. Razor meets Spike when he (Razor) saw him (Spike) venturing through Shade Savannah with Stella and Claw. He secretly follows them, and when he sees how powerful they are, he confronts them. He's not 100% sure if Spike is that great, so he challenges him to a race. If Spike wins, Razor agrees to join their team. If Razor wins, Spike has to give him his Chaos Diamond. Spike accepts the challenge and wins the race. Razor is impressed, and joins them.


He's an orange cheetah with black spots all over him. He wears red shoes with metal claws on the tips. He has gloves built for his claws to not rip. His eyes are light blue, and he has a tuft of hair on his head. His whole head and body are covered in orange fur, besides his mouth (which is apricot) and his eyes (which are white, of course).


  • Spike - Friend, rival
  • Claw - Friend
  • Stella - Friend
  • Rocky - Best friend
  • Violet - Friend
  • Saturn - Friend


Razor is a very laid back, competitive type of person. He can't stand to lose, and will not back down on a dare. He will accept any challenge, and likes to challenge people himself. Rocky is his best friend, and they always hang out together. They like to pull pranks, and get themselves into a lot of trouble. Razor will often try to rush through things without any kind of plan, unlike Spike, who is very patient in creating strategies. Despite all his downsides, he can be quite a force to be reckoned with. His speed and powerful claws are enough to make most enemies run in fear, making him quite the useful ally.

Roaring Razor

Roaring Razor is the super-form of Razor. It requires all 10 Chaos Diamonds, and is a very rare transformation. His appearance remains mostly the same, but with a lighter, glowing shade of orange. He acquires super strength and great speed. He can also fly.

Game Appearances

Razor has appeared in most Spike games, but is missing in quite a few also. His debut was in Spike The Porcupine (2014).


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