Razor Fang is the third boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is a T-Rex hired by Rexes to get rid of all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Reality, but the SSFF made his plans extinct.


Razor Fang is the most ferocious dinosaur on the show. When Rexes came to his world to help destroy the dinosaurs, Razor decides to use the Volcano to get kill all the dinosaurs faster. When the SSFF came to Jurassic Reality to stop Razor Fang, they head straight to the Volcano where he is at.

The SSFF defeated the Tyrannosaurus Rex right before the volcano explodes. The team escaped safely but Razor falls into the lava and dies. The volcano gets clogged by a giant boulder some Pterodactyls dropped down on, saving the dinosaurs from Razor's destruction.

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