Full Name Rayve
Current Age 13
Date of Birth Avalon
Gender Male
Location Yale
Current Status Partnered with the other members of the new Four Elements
Sorcessa, Arche, Solar System Sages
First Appearance Medieval Maze
Latest Appearance Medieval Maze

Rayve is one of the main characters in Medieval Maze, he represents the Element of Fire of the Four Elements, he wields a powerful red flaming sword that was given to him by Gerok.


Rayve wasn't really a strong warrior at first, he trained swordsmanship with his father, who has "went" on a journey somewhere else where the wind takes him. Rayve was born in the kingdom of Avalon but he currently lives in the big village of Yale.

One day, while he was sleeping, he was unaware that a star fragment crashed near his house, he immediately woke up and ran downstairs and outside to find nothing was there, or was it. The next day, his friends told the same exact story, and an old man approached him, explaining that he and his friends are three of the Four Elements, the Four Elemental Rulers of Avalon, or at least the new ones. Rayve and his friends first did not believe they are them, but they later learned they did, and they had to fight a new evil.


Rayve is a medium sized boy who has a blue like scarf around his neck. He wears a white shirt that has a brown leaf on it, as well as black pants, including light green colored shoes. Rayve is seen to carry his red colored sword mainly everywhere in the face of danger. Rayve has blue eyes and medium like black hair. Rayve is usually serious

Game Appearances

Medieval Maze Series

Medieval Maze

Other Games


Rayve is sometimes clueless and curious at many times, he is usually cocky, thinking he will always win the fight. He has guts, and believes he is the "Most Awesome" warrior. He seems to take an interest to Geroks' stories, and of course, he loves adventures.