First Appearance On Fantendo: Kaleido Conscripts

Raymond is an original character created by Dylan who was first introduced in the 2nd Weekly Challenge of Lapis. Ever since his debut, he was included in a number of games created by Hanabi Games, and has even started to make a few surprise appearances out of his home wiki, such as in games like Kaleido Conscripts.

Appearance In Games

Raymond's first and currently only appearance on Fantendo is in Kaleido Conscripts, where he is a playable character alongside other Hanabi Games characters such as Francesca and Doc Chapman. This is his moveset:

Ground Neutral: Double Punch - Two solid punches.
Ground Side: Scarf Smack - Flick your scarf for a weak attack with good knockback.
Ground Up: Scarf Lash - Lash your scarf upwards.
Ground Down: Hat Toss - Throw your hat as a projectile.
Aerial Neutral: Cloak Fist - Spin around with fists out, dealing great knockback.
Aerial Side: Flip Kick - Swipe your leg in an arc for a powerful spike.
Aerial Up: Scarf Float - Spin upward and initiate a scarf glide.
Aerial Down: Scarf Pummel - Lasso your scarf around you for a multihitting attack.
Close Range: Scarf Grab - Grab opponents and trap them in a scarf.
World Break: Time Gear Storm - Launch time gears around, each gear with a radius that slows down opponents inside it.
Glory Move: Scarfnado - Create a team of tornadoes that blow players away.

Ability 1: Daring - Attacks do triple damage in Glory Mode.
Ability 2: Extend - Attacks have longer range but do less damage at the tips.
Ability 3: Hero Of Time - All attacks have a small chance of freezing opponents in place or slowing them down.

Raymond is also planned to appear at some point in Shroud Control Garnet and also appears in The Mystic Contract.


Raymond is nonchalant and humorous. He loves to make jokes, even though they're not very funny. Raymond aspires to become a professional adventurer and will do anything to make it possible, no matter what the risks are. He is also very daring, and often doesn't realize the effects of certain actions he makes.

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