Rayman Odyssey is a new installment from the Rayman series. It is a 2D platformer similar to Rayman Origins and its sequel Rayman Legends.



Name Gallery Description Unlocking Criteria
Rayman The limbless hero of the Glade of Dreams is back for rescuing! His fists are aching for adventures and slamming enemies anyway. Default
Globox This lovable Glute is Rayman's best buddy. If there's at least something to eat through the trek, you can always count on him. Default
Grand Minimus This guy is one of the Teensies' many, many kings, and you can recognize that by his royal dress and crown. He's detemined to free his subjects along with the Electoons. Default
Ly This nymph is also one of Rayman's closest friends. She's commanded by Betilla to teach Rayman every kind of magic she knows. Default
Barbara This spunky fellow is actually a warrior princess. Her axe is her main weapon, which she can glide on, and is determined to wipe out every Lividstone she sees. Defeat ????
Rabbid Rabbids are little troublemakers that... cause trouble. This one is a prime example, even though he's joining with his former nemesis. Collect 12 Electoons
Gothic Teensy This Teensy is ordered to guard the gate to the Land of the Livid Dead. But he apparently sucks at his job, seeing the overpopulation of Grannies. Collect 1500 Lums
Vix A cousin of Ly. She attempted to change herself temporarily into a fox, but became a half-fox and doesn't know how to change back. Collect 3000 Lums
Raybox This is what happens when a Voodoo Mamma attempted to alter Rayman to Globox: an entire mishap that just alters the colors. Collect 5000 Lums
Mecha-Rabbid This robot was once made by the Rabbids to take over the Glade. Now it's programmed to become the best Kung Foot player. Collect 36 Electoons
Globman As some sort of comeback, Globox tried to disguise himself as Rayman. He isn't very good at this stuff. Collect 7000 Lums
Aurora Barbara's cousin from the beanstalk forests. She despises Toads and wants to slash all of 'em with er expandable sword. Defeat ????


The New Odyssey

  • Forest of Fairies
  • Big Band Land
  • Knaaren's Desert
  • Steamy Wrecks
  • Mount Headspin
  • Dark's Chateau

Back to the Origins

  • Jibberish Jungle
  • Desert of Dijiridoos
  • Gourmand Land
  • Sea of Serendipity
  • Mystical Pique

The Legends Go On

  • Teensies in Trouble
  • Toad Story
  • Fiesta de los Muertos
  • 10,000 Lums under the Sea
  • Olympus Maximus

Bonus Stuff

  • Museum of Heroes
  • Jump to the Rhythm
  • Kung Foot
  • Boss Rush