Rayman Fables
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) NX, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, Co-Op Multiplayer (2-4), Online Multiplayer (2-8)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Action-Adventure
Series Rayman
Predecessor Rayman Legends
Rayman Fables is an upcoming 2D Platformer for the Nintendo NX, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Visus Sphere. It is a sequel to Rayman Legends and is part of the reimagined Rayman Sub-Series. Rayman Fables continues the journeys of Rayman and friends as they now how to deal with the threat of a Great Darkness who has infested Polokus' mind causing him to create twisted realms. In addition inside these twisted realms exist monsterous creatures.


While Polokus is resting in the Glade of Dreams, we see that a dark cloud enters his room slowly drifting over him and enter Polokus' body through his mouth. Polokus begins shaking in his sleep falling off his pedestal and knocking himself out, breaking his bubble blower in the process. Rayman and co. hear the crash from Polokus and go to investigate only to find him knocked out and his Bubble Blower emitting ominously black bubbles, one of which encompasses Rayman and co. taking them into the twisted realms.


Gameplay-wise Rayman Fables functions identically to Rayman Legends. Rayman and co. are able to Jump and glide for a short amount of time as well as perform basic punching attacks (or melee attacks if the character has a weapon) to defeat enemies as well as wall jump and sprint to progress through certain parts of levels. In addition Rayman and co. can gain 3 types of power-ups in the game; The Extra Heart, The Boxing Glove and the Shield. The Extra Heart gives whom ever collects it an extra life so they don't die after one hit, the Boxing Glove allows whoever wields it to deal powerful blows that can topple weakened buildings and the Shield gives temporary immunity to whoever collects it allowing them to progress through any terrain (except water and flowing lava) without risk of damage.


Like with previous Rayman Games, Multiplayer is an option allowing for up to four players locally to tackle the various levels of Rayman Fables. This offline Multiplayer functions exactly as it did in Rayman Legends allowing the four players to pick any of the unlocked costumes.

In addition to Offline Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer is now also an option with three major modes; Co-Op, Competitive and Time Trial.

Co-Op mode has up to 8 players connect as part of a hub and progress through the levels of the game, the levels are chosen by the host player and thus are limited by how much of the main story they've completed. Completing levels in Online Co-Op Mode also unlocks new levels. The only levels not available in Online Co-Op are Challenge Levels.

Competitive Mode has up to 8 players compete to try and achieve in some combination; the most number of lums collected, most number of teensies collected, least lives lost and first to finish. In this mode only certain levels are available although Boss Levels and Music Levels have been extended to be more difficult and overall longer. Competitive Mode also keeps track of the player's online Lum Score which is measured by how many Lums they collected between Competitive and Time Trial.

The last Online mode is Time Trial which is available to any level including Challenge Levels. In it the player has to try to beat the fastest times for both levels found in the Story Mode as well as special levels to challenge players. There are 8 levels to choose from which rotate each week, resetting the Time Trials for them.


There are 14 Realms for Rayman and Co. to explore. every Realm has a set of levels including a Time Trial Level to test the player's basic platforming skills, a Boss Level to test their timing, a Music Level and a Special Level to test a player's ability to handle different types of screen appearances.

Realm Unlockable Character Boss Level Music Level Special Level Main Theme
1 The Call of Adventure Cave Frog Cave Demon Cave of Doom Ancient Explorers Forground Shadows Caves
2 The Dream-Quest of Kings Kings King of Mirrors Kingdom of Mirrors War Marches Tiled Clouds
3 The Teensy out of Time Time Traveller Time Beast Beast Unchained Warping Light Screen Flips Time Travel
4 The Evil Volcano Salamanders Boom Toon Inglorious Eruptions Eruption Blinding Flash Fire
5 The Nameless Sea Merfolk The Leviathan Ancient Fiction Dive Watery Water
6 The Dead Ship Peg Legs Ghost Ship Raider's of the Ghost Ship Shanty Hand-Drawn Style Pirates
7 What the Clouds Bring Sunnies Thunder Cluster Lightning Hunt Sun Dance Water Painting Weather
8 The Plasma Horror Moonies Warp Worm Close Encounters of the Worm Kind Plasma Cannon Abstract Space
9 Polokus' Model Golems Vince Vineway Thorny Park Totem Tones Hieroglyph Temple
10 The Terrible Old Town Gunslingers The Gundance Kid Salonhouse Desert Walkers Stop-Motion Wild West
11 The Teensies in the Walls Umbrellians Slice'n'Dice The Moving Barber Shop A Walk down Chaos Sepia Victorian
12 The Colour out of Darkness Splatterfolk Roy the Mad The Colour Rises Silence of White Single Colour Characters Colours
13 History of the Reptiles Raptorials Stego-Saw Giant Dinosaur Machines Asteroid Crasher Zooming Dinosaurs
14 The Secret of the Dark Soul Forms Dark Cloud City of Marble Rise from the Grave Silhouette Darkness

The Call of Adventure

1-1 Grassy Descent
1-2 Cascading Rapids
1-3 Tunnels of Eyes
1-4 Boggy River
1-Challenge Acrobatic Challenge 1
1-5 The Gaping Maw
1-Boss Cave of Doom
1-Music Ancient Explorers
1-Special Unseeable and Untouchable

The Dream-Quest of Kings

2-1 Clouded Valley
2-2 Skyreach Stairway
2-3 Maze of Stone
2-Challenge Combat Challenge 1
2-4 Hidden in the Clouds
2-5 Fabled Gates
2-6 Bridge of Statues
2-Boss Kingdom of Mirrors
2-Music War Machines
2-Special The Porcelian Palace

The Teensy out of Time

3-1 Ruins of Gold
3-2 The Ancient Climb
3-3 Metropolis
3-Challenge 1 Jumping Challenge 1
3-4 Medieval War
3-5 Roof Top Escape
3-Challenge 2 Sprinting Challenge 1
3-6 Ancient Dojo
3-7 The Time Gates
3-Boss Beast Unchained
3-Music Warping Light
3-Special Warped Portal

The Evil Volcano

4-1 Beach of Crystals
4-2 Fiery Crag
4-3 Vented Panic
4-Challenge Flying Challenge 1
4-4 Jungles Alight
4-5 The Burning Climb
4-Challenge Acrobatic Challenge 2
4-6 Hot Headed Totems
4-7 The Volcanic Rim
4-Boss Inglorious Eruptions
4-Music Eruption
4-Special Storm of Soot

The Nameless Sea

5-1 Seaweed Lagoon
5-2 Waterfall Leap
5-3 Fishy River
5-4 Upward Rapids
5-Challenge Combat Challenge 2
5-5 Ocean of Arms
5-6 Misty Isles
5-7 Branching Waterwheels
5-8 Waterdrop Vineway
5-Challenge Jumping Challenge 2
5-9 Bubble Pop Island
5-Boss Ancient Fiction
5-Music Dive
5-Special Floodwater Cavern

The Dead Ship

6-1 The Seven Seas Shanty
6-2 Island Hopping
6-3 The Bounty of Skulls
6-4 Port of Souls
6-Challenge Sprinting Challenge 2
6-5 High Storms Surf
6-6 Battle Galleons
6-7 Overboard
6-8 Gallows of the Dead
6-Challenge Flying Challenge 2
6-9 Flooded Deck
6-10 Spectre's Nest
6-11 The Deck of Souls
6-Boss Raider's of the Ghost Ship
6-Music Shanty
6-Special Drawn on a Map

What the Clouds Bring

7-1 Sunny Morning Flight
7-2 Fog Light Hill
7-3 Heat Wave Caves
7-4 Moonlight Skyway
7-Challenge Acrobatic Challenge 3
7-5 Raining Swing
7-6 Hailstorm Mania
7-7 Snowy Forest
7-8 Blizzard Blinder
7-Challnege Combat Challenge 3
7-9 Giant Raining Chase
7-10 Monster Storm
7-Boss Lightning Hunt
7-Music Sun Dance
7-Special Captured in a Canvas

The Plasma Horror

8-1 Rings of Dust
8-2 Escape the Red Giant
8-3 The Lost Planet
8-4 Gaseous Storms
8-5 Starlight Flight
8-Challenge Jumping Challenge 3
8-6 The Hollow Planet
8-7 Twin Planet Chase
8-8 Asteroid Wars
8-Challenge Sprinting Challenge 3
8-9 The Giga Planet
8-10 Planet Eater
8-11 Cosmic Lights
8-Boss Close Encounters of the Worm Kind
8-Music Plasma Cannon
8-Special Castle of Dreams

Polokus' Model

9-1 The Red Clay Falls
9-2 Ancient Jungle
9-3 Forgotten Ruins
9-4 Tunnel of Mirrors
9-Challenge Flying Challenge 3
9-5 The Grand Temple
9-6 Ancient Trap Ruins
9-7 Boulder Chase
9-8 Rhythmic Statues
9-9 Ancient Magic Awakened
9-Challenge Ultimate Challenge 1
9-10 The Dream Room
9-11 The Staff of Polokus
9-12 Freedom of the Dreams
9-Boss Thorny Park
9-Music Totem Tunes
9-Special Lost in the Desert

The Terrible Old Town

10-1 Burning Deserts
10-2 Unknown Riders
10-3 Valley of Arrows
10-4 The Grand Mesa
10-5 Thorny Lookout
10-6 The Great Steam Express
10-7 The Cactus Gang Hideout
10-Challenge Ultimate Challenge 2
10-8 The Iron Mines
10-9 Diamond Depths
10-10 Great Wooden Town
10-11 Showdown
10-Boss Salonhouse
10-Music Desert Walkers
10-Special Captured Legend

The Teensies in the Walls

11-1 Wooden Climb
11-2 Dusty Forest
11-3 Fireplace Escape
11-4 Soot Tower Rooftops
11-5 Shingle Falls
11-6 Concrete River
11-7 Great Stone Bridge
11-Challenge Ultimate Challenge 3
11-8 The Brick Ruins
11-9 The Steel Mazeways
11-10 The Butcher's Hunt
11-11 The Fields of Howls
11-12 Hunting Treetops
11-13 The Great Glass House
11-14 Lake of Feathers
11-Boss The Moving Barber Shop
11-Music A walk down Chaos
11-Special The Old Days

The Colour out of Darkness

12-1 Crimson Canyon
12-2 Red Volcano
12-3 Orange Valley
12-4 Yellow Skies
12-5 Golden Mine
12-6 Lime Grove
12-7 Green Jungle
12-8 Emerald Forest
12-9 Turqoise Swamp
12-10 Cyan Glacier
12-Challenge Ultimate Challenge 4
12-11 Sky Clouds
12-12 Navy Depths
12-13 Indigo Ocean
12-14 Purple Graveyard
12-15 Violet Temple
12-16 Pink Garden
12-17 Magenta Mountain
12-18 Black Abyss
12-Boss The Colour Rises
12-Music Silence of White
12-Special Highlight Chase

History of the Reptiles

13-1 Float Valley Climb
13-2 Roosting Mountain
13-3 Pterodactyl Flight
13-Challenge Acrobatic Challenge 4
13-4 Great Verdant Jungle
13-5 Bashful Badlands
13-6 Anklyosaurus Battle
13-Challenge Combat Challenge 4
13-7 Dusty Cliffs
13-8 The Lone Tree Chasm
13-9 Triceratops Trample
13-Challenge Jumping Challenge 4
13-10 Freeze Breeze Plains
13-11 Stolen Leaf Forest
13-12 Diplodicus Valley
13-Challenge Sprinting Challenge 4
13-13 The Giant's Bay
13-14 Cave of Roars
13-15 Spinosaurus River
13-Challenge Flying Challenge 4
13-16 The Marked Tunnel
13-17 Watchful Beast Passage
13-18 Tyrannosaurus Chase
13-Boss Giant Dinosaur Machines
13-Music Asteroid Crasher
13-Special Heartbeat Escape

The Secret of the Dark

14-1 The Gate of Souls
14-2 The Spiritual Den
14-3 Graveyard of Moans
14-4 Skull Flight Hunt
14-5 Bone Rib Valley
14-Challenge Acrobatic Challenge 5
14-6 The Vortex of Legends
14-7 Castle Rock
14-8 Mariachi Madness
14-9 Dragonslayer
14-Challenge Combat Challenge 5
14-10 The Vortex of Origins
14-11 Playing in the Shade
14-12 Fickle Fruit
14-13 On top of Old Smokey
14-Challenge Jumping Challenge 5
14-14 Shadow Dancers
14-15 The Black Fire Dragon
14-16 Storm Boulder
14-17 The Abyssal Ocean
14-Challenge Sprinting Challenge 5
14-18 The Dark Fortress
14-19 Voidal Depths
14-20 Shining Light
14-21 The Lost World
14-22 Road to the City of Marble
14-Challenge Flying Challenge 5
14-Boss City of Marble
14-Music Rise from the Grave
14-Special Ultimate Challenge 4


  • Rayman - Legendary hero of the Glade of Dreams, Rayman is a cheeky albeit courageous individual who is willing to help his friends from the evil forces that face them. Across his journeys he has faced many foes from powerful Magicians to Evil Teensies. Whenever evil is about, Rayman is too far off to help.
  • Globox - Rayman's best friend and the most well-known Glute in the Glade of Dreams, Globox is a little less heroic than his friend and acts more silly as well, although he menas well. Globox often aids Rayman in some way in his quest usually directly.
  • Polokus - Also known as the Bubble Dreamer, it was Polokus who dreamt up the world that Rayman and his friends exist in. Polokus possesses incredible powers although is quite slothful and tends to sleep on the job. Polokus' mind was infested by the Dark Cloud causing his Bubble Blower to create twisted realms full of monsterous creatures.
  • Dark Cloud - A mysterious Dark Cloud originating from a place, unknown. The Dark Cloud seems to be filled with evil and malevolent thoughts than can infest the host's mind to make them act irrationally and unnaturally to how they normally would. The Dark Cloud possesses the ability to change into a variety of shapes when in combat such as a Dark Tornado, Dark Beast, Dark Wizard, Dark Ray-Person and Dark Bird.

Character Costumes

As the player earns more Lums and rescues the Teensies located in every level they will unlock new costumes. Costumes for the four basic Characters; Ray-People, Glutes, Princesses & Teensies. In addition there are 13 unlockable Characters from each Realm. As the player collects a certain amount of Lums or all the Teensies in a realm or other requirements, they unlock more variations on these 17 characters.

Requirement Ray-Person Glute Princess Teensie Cave Frog Kings Time Traveller
None Rayman Globox Barbara Grand Minimus Grumble King of Coats Tick Tock
25,000 Lums Raybox Red Globox Aurora Globteen Bronble King of Hats White Tick Tock
50,000 Lums Funky Ray Goldox Aisha Teensy Ray Silble King of Shoes Checkered Tick Tock
100,000 Lums Mirror Ray King Gloriox Ursula Golden Teensy Golble King of Ties Black Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 1 & 2 Sir Rayelot Sir Globrax Ella Teensy Plant Stumble King of Rocks Steel Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 3 & 4 Rayomz Poglox Estelia Teensy Wizard Burnble Clock King Fiery Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 5 & 6 Captain Ray-Eye Globolk Elysia Teensy Hermit Wamble King of the Seas One-Eyed Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 7 & 8 Galacta-Ray Voidlox Sylvia Cloudy Teensy Astroble King of Hail Planetary Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 9 & 10 Raymolk Tribox Sierra The First King Prayble Sherrif King Bandito Tick Tock
All Teensies in Realms 11 & 12 Ray Pilot Green Globox Morgana Ninja Teensy Chimble King of Colours Big Ben
All Teensies in Realms 13 & 14 Skull Man Globrox Selena Goth Teensy Gatumble King of Shadows End of time Tick Tock
Beat all the Bosses Dark Rayman Anglox Twila Flaming Teensy Warrumble King of Beasts Origin Tick Tock
Soul Forms Golden Soul Cyan Soul Green Soul Blue Soul Lime Soul White Soul Purple Soul
Requirement Salamanders Merfolk Peg Legs Sunnies Moonies Golems
None Sam Meryl Peg Leg Sunny Lunos Pebble
25,000 Lums Sally Mer Prince Fancy Peg Leg Bronze Sunny Silver Lunos Stone
50,000 Lums Simon Mer Queen Rockstar Peg Leg Gold Sunny Platinum Lunos Boulder
100,000 Lums Samantha Mer King Queen Peg Leg Sunder Moondal Monolith
All Teensies in Realms 1 & 2 Sid Merbass Adventurer Peg Leg Sunflower Moonseed Stalagmite
All Teensies in Realms 3 & 4 San Jose Sir Merlin Time Gate Peg Leg Solar Flare Moonlight Igneous
All Teensies in Realms 5 & 6 Sargasso Mershark Captain Peg Leg Sunfish Moonfish Sandy
All Teensies in Realms 7 & 8 Sybar Snowmern Solar Peg Leg Drought Cyclos Marble
All Teensies in Realms 9 & 10 So-So Mercy Bartender Peg Leg Sundial Moondial Growth
All Teensies in Realms 11 & 12 Senator Merder Painted Peg Leg Red Star Blue Moon Brick
All Teensies in Realms 13 & 14 Sauropod Mersiosaurus Dark Peg Leg Overheat Eclipse Obsidian
Beat all the Bosses Success Merty Conquerer Peg Leg Heat Wave Abyss Glass
Soul Forms Orange Soul Navy Soul Brown Soul Yellow Soul Indigo Soul Grey Soul
Requirement Gunslingers Umbrellians Splatterfolk Raptorials
None Doc Cass Red Splatterfolk Ripper
25,000 Lums Curly Pocky Orange Splatterfolk Slasher
50,000 Lums Gernomino Arit Yellow Splatterfolk Crusher
100,000 Lums Bonnie Stick-Stock Gold Splatterfolk Tearer
All Teensies in Realms 1 & 2 Espinosas Jet Brown Splatterfolk Jumper
All Teensies in Realms 3 & 4 Cherokee Plasma Purple Splatterfolk Chaser
All Teensies in Realms 5 & 6 Pearl Bubbles Blue Splatterfolk Diver
All Teensies in Realms 7 & 8 Starr Stormy White Splatterfolk Soarer
All Teensies in Realms 9 & 10 Hoodoo Ilic Green Splatterfolk Toother
All Teensies in Realms 11 & 12 Jesse Papsy Pink Splatterfolk Stabber
All Teensies in Realms 13 & 14 Butch Shade Black Splatterfolk Viper
Beat all the Bosses Clyde Gelfie Cyan Splatterfolk Big Rex
Soul Forms Red Soul Pink Soul Rainbow Soul Magenta Soul


  • All Realm Names are based off book titles by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Boss Levels for Realms; 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9 are based off Film Titles by Steven Spielberg
  • The Boss Levels for Realms; 3, 4, 5 & 10 are based off Film Titles by Quentin Tarantino
  • The Boss Levels for Realms; 7, 11, 12 & 13 are bosed off Film Titles by Hayao Miyazaki
  • The Boss Level for Realm 14 is taken from a Quote by Augustus Caeser
  • Each of the Music Levels in the game is a remix of an existing Song
    • Ancient Explorers is a Rock Remix of The Hut on Fowl's Legs by Mussorgsky
    • War Marches is a Marching Remix of Holy Grail by Hunters & Collectors
    • Warping Light is a Techno Remix of The Ecstacy of Gold by Ennio Mirronce
    • Eruption is a Classical Remix of T.N.T. by AC/DC
    • Dive is a Rockabilly Remix of Tush by ZZ Top
    • Shanty is a Raggae Remix of Tsunami by DVBBS & Borgeous
    • Sun Dance is a Pop Remix of Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire
    • Plasma Cannon is a Snyth-Pop Remix of Time Warp by Richard O'Brien
    • Totem Tones is a New Wave Remix of Marble Machine by Wintergatan
    • Desert Walkers is a Country Remix of Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
    • A Walk down Chaos is a Classical Remix of All of Me by Billie Holiday
    • Silence of White is a Disco Remix of Necronomicon by Q.G.
    • Asteroid Crasher is a Heavy Rock Remix of Can't Hold Us by Macklemore
    • Rise from the Grave is a Heavy Metal Remix of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin
  • Every Gunslinger's name is a reference to an Outlaw from the Wild West